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The Impact of Worker Engagement/ Worker Involvement at Tamdown.

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1 The Impact of Worker Engagement/ Worker Involvement at Tamdown

2 Introducing... Andrew Denby – Group Health & Safety Manager, Tamdown Ltd – Involved in establishing Worker Engagement trial project at previous employer, Keltbray during 2006/7, huge success, delivering what was at the time the largest civil engineering project in East Anglia without a single RIDDOR incident (850,000+ hours working time) – Established a behavioural change programme to Tamdown (Tamdown WorkSmart) in 2008, this became the basis of Tamdowns own Worker Involvement programme WiSE (WorkSmart Engagement) which has been running since late 2009

3 Who are Tamdown? – Large civil engineering, groundworks and construction company based in central Essex. – Additional specialities include asbestos removal, ground remediation, Design & Build projects (from shell and core to turnkey construction). – 600+ Employees (60 office based, rest on site). – 138 360° excavators, 106 forward tipping dumpers – £70m turnover projected for 2010/11

4 Pilot Training Project Following a request from the HSE Higgins Construction very helpfully agreed to host a pilot training programme run by Construction Skills assisted by Billy Baldwin of UCATT Tamdown sent two representatives and their Group H&S Manager to gain further perspective on worker involvement and to apply the relevant lessons to our own project

5 Premier Partnership Training Higgins have also hosted a course run by Paul Crummay of Premier Partnerships to which Tamdown have also sent 10 delegates further spreading the formal training around Tamdown This training has been so successful that a further course focussing entirely on soft skills has been booked with Paul and Premier Partnerships with Higgins and Tamdown sharing the available places.

6 The Impact of Worker Involvement Tamdowns WiSE programme continues to go from strength to strength, 20 months were achieved without a single RIDDOR incident. Near Miss reporting has increased, accident levels are down. Insurance premiums have dropped £50k The cost of accidents has fallen Morale amongst the workforce continues to rise

7 Any Questions?

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