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European Exploration. Background… Remember the “Crusades” ?? : –Introduced Europeans to trade goods from Asia –Fostered religious intolerance & dislike.

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1 European Exploration

2 Background… Remember the “Crusades” ?? : –Introduced Europeans to trade goods from Asia –Fostered religious intolerance & dislike between Christians & Muslims about control of the Holy Land.

3 After the Renaissance, people had a desire to learn and be wealthy.. People were learning = new ideas & advancements… like in: = Technology

4 Technology Advancements: Caravel: –sturdier than earlier ships Triangular sails: –Sail effectively against the wind Navigational techniques: –Astrolabe (Muslims) – calculate latitude –Compass (Chinese) – accurately track direction

5 WHY: “God, Glory, Gold” Desire for new sources of wealth –Wanted spices & luxury goods from Asia Desire to spread Christianity –Hostility between Christians & Muslims

6 Who explored? Portugal – leader & the best Spain - # 2 France & England have a bit too…

7 Why Portugal? -The leader in developing & applying these sailing innovations -Strong government support** -1 st to have trading outposts along West Africa

8 Prince Henry -Son of Portugal’s king, “Henry the Navigator” -Most enthusiastic supporter of exploration for Portugal -Portugal -1394-1460 -He used his own $$ to fund exploration –> Portugal was #1 in exploration –> Est. trading posts in Africa & Asia -> Henry died broke

9 Portugal gets to Asia –Wanted to get to Asia fast You have to sail around the tip of Africa –How did they do it? –Step 1. Bartholomeu Dias- rounded the tip, storm = had to go back –Step 2. Vasco de Gama- rounded Africa & got to India!

10 Bartholomeu Dias Portugeuse explorer Explorer that first rounded the tip of Africa to get to Asia, wanted to Christianize Asia Portugal 1488 After sailing around the tip of Africa, his supplies were gone & he had to go home – didn’t discover the sea route to Asia! 

11 Vasco de Gama Portugeuse explorer Explorer that rounded the tip of Africa & reached India! Portugal 1497 Found the sea route to Asia for Portugal! Encouraged other countries to try and find the way there too.

12 At the same time Portugal was exploring, Spain started too…

13 “Christopher Columbus” Who: Italian navigator What: wanted to reach the East Indies in Indonesia (South Pacific), sailed west across the Atlantic Where: Spain, Italy When: 1492 Why: he persuaded Ferdinand & Isabella of Spain to sponsor him to bring wealth & prestige to Spain; Landed in the Caribbean, called the ppl “Indians”- doscovered W. Hemisphere= others went too

14 “Ferdinand Magellan” (NC) Who: Spanish explorer What: led an expedition to the Philippines (in SouthEast Asia) & established a trading empire there Where: Spain, Philippines When: 1521 Why: He founded the Philippines = the Philippines is rooted in Spanish language and culture today; others want to go to this area & make trading empires also

15 As a result.. tension grew between Spain & Portugal… so…

16 “Treaty of Tordesillas” (NC) Who: Spanish & Portugeuse What: Treaty that made the Line of Demarcation separating lands to keep peace Where: imaginary line through Atlantic Ocean When: 1494 Why: separated lands b/n Spain & Portugal to keep them at peace- lands to the West of line = Spain, East of line = Portugal

17 THEN… Other countries got involved too… like: France England Netherlands/Holland (the Dutch)

18 Exploration companies Other countries made “companies” that led expeditions, so instead of a King or Queen giving $$ (like in Spain & Portugal), groups of rich men pulled their $$ together to fund expeditions.. Countries that had the best ones: –England –Netherlands/Holland (the Dutch)

19 Dutch East India Company Who: Dutch Merchants (from Netherlands) What: a company that could mint $$, make treaties, & raise an army to establish direct sea trade with Asia Where: Netherlands, Asia When: 1600s Why: this company was richer & more powerful than England’s company so the Dutch kicked the English out

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