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3 Branches of Government

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1 3 Branches of Government
What are the responsibilities of the 3 branches of our government?

2 Executive Building is the White House
Includes the President and Vice President

3 President- 4 year term, only 2 terms
Must be at least 35 years old Must be a U.S. Citizen Serves as Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces (military) Signs or vetoes bills

4 Vice President Becomes President if the President can’t serve

5 Legislative Capitol building
The representatives in the Legislative branch are referred to as “Congress” Made up of 2 parts, or “houses”

6 House of Representatives
Number of representatives determined by the state’s population Representatives are elected to a 2 year term

7 Senate 2 representatives from each state Senators serve 6 year terms

8 Judicial Called the Supreme Court
People who serve in the judicial branch are called “justices” Justices are appointed by the Presidents Justices serve for life Their job is to interpret the Constitution

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