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Carol Tullo 8 December 2011 Global Trends in PSI Annual Review.

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1 Carol Tullo 8 December 2011 Global Trends in PSI Annual Review

2 UK PSI and Open Data Developments September 2010 UK Government Licensing Framework and Open Government Licence Right to Data clause Protection of Freedoms Bill introduced February 2011 (intro.) March 2011 Public Data Corporation plans announced Budget 2011 July 2011 PMs letter no. 2 on transparency and open data

3 July 2011 UK Government Licensing Framework 2.0 Open Parliament Licence Non-commercial Government Licence August- October 2011 A Consultation on Data Policy for a Public Data Corporation UK PSI and Open Data Developments November 2011 Autumn Statement 2011 and Open Data work strand in the Growth Review Making Open Data Real: A Public Consultation

4 December 2011 EC proposals to amend PSI Directive Where we are now..... December 2011 EC Open Data Communication UK PSI and Open Data Developments Feeding into a much wider landscape… Image: Jac Depczyk

5 Global Developments in PSI Open Government Partnership Principle: Transparency Commitment: Information and data access, disclosure, publishing and re-use Open data portals and data releases increase in government data portals around the world national, regional and city level Licensing frameworks worldwide and OGL as model Commonwealth countries – especially those with Crown copyright OGL models and variants – including British Columbia, South Korea, France Community activity – international open data and PSI events

6 Image: velvetkevorkian (Source: Flickr) Next steps - international OGP and further data releases Digital Agenda for Europe PSI Directive refresh Member State reports, marginal cost as default, regulatory models, interventions and business cases Standardised international licensing principles Creative Commons CC4 - Board

7 Next steps – UK Government responses to consultations Making Open Data Real A Data Policy for a Public Data Corporation ICO publication schemes Public Data Group and Data Strategy Board Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 – datasets clause Relaunches of and White Paper on Open Data Negotiations on PSI Directive (UK focus eg. cultural bodies) Unlocking – data releases and demand – inventories and publication schemes Relationships between regulators OGL adoption - local government roll out and take up Hargreaves, Digital Copyright Exchange and IP legislation

8 2012 challenges International licensing principles and models Interoperability Open data as a business model Agendas, policies and legal frameworks working together – with clear leadership and governance Potential questions Is there a difference between open data and PSI? How should the regulatory frameworks adapt in this landscape? What are the implications for the UK in the Digital Agenda for Europe?

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