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John Williams LAPSI/EVPSI 10 July 2012 Standardisation of Licensing – the UK Example.

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1 John Williams LAPSI/EVPSI 10 July 2012 Standardisation of Licensing – the UK Example

2 Policy lead on the Re-Use of Public Sector Information Regulations Policy lead on negotiations on the proposed changes to the PSI Directive Responsible for Crown copyright information Developers of the UK Government Licensing Framework Creators of the Open Government Licence What is the role of The National Archives?

3 The use by a person of a document held by a public sector body for a purpose other than the initial purpose within that public sector bodys public task for which the document was produced The Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005 (SI 1515/2005) How is re-use defined?

4 4 publishing in any medium adapting copying (beyond certain limits) What does this mean in practice?

5 UK Government Licensing Framework Open Government Licence Delegations of authority Notices on websites and in publications How do we oversee re-use?

6 A policy and legal overview for licensing and re-use of public sector information Sets out best practice Standardises the licensing principles Recommends the Open Government Licence (OGL) as the default licence Part of the Government's drive to open up access Promotes transparency Enables wider economic and social gain What is the UK Government Licensing Framework?

7 UKGLF Timeline Launch of UK Government Licensing Framework – September 2010 Open Government Licence – September 2010Open Government Licence UK Local Government Association endorses Open Government Licence – November 2010 Ordnance Survey OpenData adopts Open Government Licence – January 2011 UK Location Data Sharing Operational Guidance – March 2011 UKGLF 2.0 released – August 2011

8 Centrepiece of the UKGLF – the OGL It provides certainty to users Expressed in plain language It covers a lot of material You can do a lot with it You do not have to register or apply It is interoperable with other licences It is machine readable so it can be embedded in metadata It is free

9 Information where the relevant rights owner, or Information Provider has authority to permit its use Non-personal information Works subject to copyright and database right Previously unpublished datasets released by the public sector Source code and software originating from public sector bodies What does the OGL cover?

10 Reaction to the Open Government Licence Users have praised it Government departments have found it easy to adjust to Other countries are copying it – Canada, South Korea, France Most local authorities in England are using it UK Parliament has introduced its version – the Open Parliament Licence Sir Tim Berners-Lee and other influential stakeholders welcomed its introduction

11 Views sought from stakeholders UK Location Programme Board Licensing Forum, Government Publishers Group, APPSI Legal advisers Creative Commons and the Open Knowledge Foundation Parliaments User community

12 UKGLF 2.0 Builds on the success of the Open Government Licence (OGL), enabling easy re-use of a wider range of public sector information The OGL remains the default licence for the re-use of public sector information including Crown copyright Non-Commercial Government Licence introduced: Similar format to OGL For use when licensing under the OGL is not appropriate For Information Providers in the public sector to license on a standard non-commercial basis

13 UKGLF 2.0 Guidance issued on developing licences where charges are made Policy on licensing software and source codes updated Clarification of ownership and issues relating to third party rights Provides an effective licensing framework enabling the UK government to comply with the INSPIRE Regulations without the need for separate licensing arrangements Further information on TNA Website govlicensing-framework.htm govlicensing-framework.htm

14 Recent developments and looking ahead Increasing take-up of OGL - mapping, meteorological and land registration agencies now make some of their information available free at the point of use under the OGL EU Commissions Proposal to amend the PSI Directive The UKGLF is a living document that will be periodically reviewed to ensure that it is fit for purpose

15 Questions? Comments?

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