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Landing on the Moon (1969) Dylan Nuzzo and Brandon Bridge Period 1/2.

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1 Landing on the Moon (1969) Dylan Nuzzo and Brandon Bridge Period 1/2

2 What was Apollo 11? First attempt to actually land on the moon Attempt to beat the Russians, and become the first nation to successfully walk on the moon Get all the astronauts home safely Apollo 11 was the shuttle that was launched Mission launched from Kennedy Space Center

3 Previous Apollo Missions Apollo 7- First manned Apollo flight, which was in Saturn IB Apollo 8- First manned flight around the moon in the Saturn V Apollo 9- First manned flight in the lunar module Apollo 10- First manned flight around the moon in the lunar module

4 February 26, 1966

5 The Launch July 16, 1969 Many practice launches had gone successful before official launch Launched from the Kennedy Space Center Broadcasted worldwide on television Saturn V

6 The Crew Neil Armstrong Michael Collins Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin Jr.

7 Went into lunar orbit 76 hours after launch The two spacecrafts undocked 100 hours after launch Armstrong and Aldrin landed on moon approximately 103 hours after launch Explored the lunar surface for approximately 21 hours and 36 minutes Orbit of Apollo 11

8 Saturn V Layout April 4, 1968

9 Lunar Orbit

10 Apollo Lunar Module (Eagle) Lander portion of the Apollo spacecraft Used from lunar orbit to the moon’s surface, back to Earth’s surface Designed to carry a crew of two members (Armstrong and Aldrin)

11 Apollo Command Module (Columbia) Attached to service module Designed to carry a crew of three members, but only carried Collins Stayed in orbit around moon while Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon

12 The fine soil was very slippery Collected soil specimens The crew said that they felt very refreshed after sleep The Gravity was very easy to move through Wind was almost non- existent Surface Discoveries and Actions

13 Descent and Splashdown Armstrong and Aldrin lifted off from moon and docked with Columbia on July 21, 5:35 pm Rested until 12:55 am Entered trajectory toward Earth Splashed into Pacific Ocean on July 24, 12:15 pm with all films surface specimens

14 -Might have acquired undiscovered pathogens from the moon’s surface while exploring -The three American heroes received a clean bill of health and were released to the public on August 13, 1969

15 First announced his goal for landing a man on the moon on May 25, 1961 to a Joint Session of Congress "No nation which expects to be the leader of other nations can expect to stay behind in this race for space.“ Asked Congress to approve more than $25 billion for the Apollo Project, which started in 1961 Assassinated in 1963 Man walked on moon while Richard Nixon was in office JFK’s Space Program

16 The Russian/U.S. Space Race Technological and ideological rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union, which developed during the Cold War USSR loses many lunar travel candidates after failed space attempts year after year Soviets get credited for sending the first unmanned probe to the moon in 1959 United States get credited for having the first man to ever walk on the moon in 1969

17 The Apollo 11 Hoax Many people think that it was fake, and that the whole event was staged and photoshopped The black backgrounds of their photographs are oddly lacking the many stars that should be visible in the sky. In photographs such as this one where both astronauts are visible, there is no sign of a camera. So, who took this picture?

18 ImpactImpact Showed superiority over Russia Approved JFK’s promise in having an American man walk on the moon and return home by the end of the century Became most significant space travel achievement of all-time Secured NASA’s existence for the next 40 years Made the United States proud to be Americans after the harsh decade of the 60s

19 Related Videos American Flag 9.htm 9.htm “Small Step For Man, Giant Step For Mankind”

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