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Satellite image: NASA. How do we inform ourselves about this area of learning? What learning activities will our children engage with? What actions can.

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1 Satellite image: NASA

2 How do we inform ourselves about this area of learning? What learning activities will our children engage with? What actions can we take?

3 What focus? Environmental Impact & Sustainability Interdependence & Connectedness People, Culture & Diversity Hook - take a virtual journey, e.g. through a rainforest environment Find out more: Where? Why here and not there? What makes it special? Issue: who gains and who loses? Why might this matter to me? Take Action: What are people doing about it? What can I do? What is it like here? (Use, story, picture books, sense impressions, drama to explore) [PLACE] Ask & answer questions such as: What would it be like to live here/ visit? Have a definite concluding activity for the project that can be shared with others. Know that you are not alone in taking action – hundreds/ thousands of other people worldwide are trying to do something about this issue (MDGs). Use P4C/ Community of enquiry to explore this issue Research Explore & map (SPACE), use Google Earth Explore through picture books/ video etc TEACHING TOOLKIT Sense impressions 5 Ws Making pairs Most Likely to... Living Graphs Start with a photo Using Artefacts Google Maps (Earth) Quikmaps/ Scribble Maps Further research & new enquiry Decide on your personal actions Involve children in evaluation What will we do? What will the children do?

4 Personal & prior experience The experience of others - someone who's been there The work of an influential NGO/ Charity Story, picture books, photos, video, sound, artefacts, online mapping Education website, e.g. TES, online subscription libraries, Teachers TV, BBC Class Clips

5 How will I inform my thinking and find teaching resources about: Photos: Simon Collis /costa-rica

6 In 1994 I visited the Peruvian rainforest (part of a longer Peru trip) Amazon rainforest catchment area. Puerto Maldonado, Tambopata Lodge. Photo Wendy North

7 Among others: Tropical World – Roundhay Park Leeds world-leeds/index.html world-leeds/index.html Birmingham Botanical Garden The Living Rainforest (near J13 of M4) - The Eden Project

8 World Wildlife Fund

9 the film is about logging and oil palm cultivation which is destroying the lands of the people of Sarawak – it links to the Borneo newspaper article.

10 /oct/24/borneo-indonesia-rainforest- illegal-logging


12 Searching for video clips is a very time consuming activity. WHAT YOU WANT THE VIDEO FOR? (What will it help children to feel/think?) Look for recommendations from other people.

13 BBC Class Clips biome/3205.html

14 Videos from the BBC are also available on Vimeo and You Tube Search BBC rainforest m/4103904 m/4103904 Rainforest Animals and Plant life in the Amazon jungle -

15 The opening minute is particularly useful for younger children

16 Search for Creative Commons licensed content:

17 USE A MAP Google Earth – needs downloading onto your computer Google Maps – online Resource Bing Maps CREATE A MAP Quikmaps Scribble Maps

18 Download from:

19 rce=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Manaus&sll =53.800651,- 4.064941&sspn=12.970501,29.970703&ie=U TF8&hq=&hnear=Manaus+- +Amazonas,+Brazil&t=h&z=8

20 Sue Waters Cairns Set : 4047436751/ 4047436751/


22 Guided tour through the rainforest ucation_resources ucation_resources http://www.rainforestconcern. org/tour/rfc_guide.htm http://www.rainforestconcern. org/tour/rfc_guide.htm Photographs of the worlds rainforests – Nature Conservancy plore/photos.html plore/photos.html Rainforest sounds /sounds.html#Christian%20An swers%20Sounds /sounds.html#Christian%20An swers%20Sounds An interactive site from the Rainforest Alliance - match animals and plants to the layers of the rainforest. http://www.rainforest- se/jewelsoftheearth/index.html http://www.rainforest- se/jewelsoftheearth/index.html Living in the Guatemalan Rainforest – feels a little dated http://www.rainforest- se/myworld/index.html http://www.rainforest- se/myworld/index.html Stories from the Rainforest http://www.rainforest- ainforest_stories http://www.rainforest- ainforest_stories

23 Free resources from world Land Trust (sponsored by Mall) teaching- e45440820042009.shtm l teaching- e45440820042009.shtm l http://www.rainfores acher%20resources http://www.rainfores acher%20resources ARKive Videos, images and fact files of the worlds plant and animal species. Tropical rainforest animals www.enchantedlearni forest/animals/Rfbio meanimals.shtml www.enchantedlearni forest/animals/Rfbio meanimals.shtml

24 Slideshare http://www.slideshare.n et/ search Rain forest http://www.slideshare.n et/ Lots of very similar slideshows available – some by children. Generally very fact based presentations – possibly useful for images. Not the kinds of things Id want to share with years 3 & 4 – at least initially – though you might ADAPT TES Resources website SEARCH for `Rainforest then primary Very popular as fellow teachers often provides ready made resources. But be prepared to ADAPT Ask yourself: Is it clear what the teacher wants the children to learn? Is this what Im looking for? Hamilton Trust planning on the TES website – cross- curricular

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