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Introduction: Lorna Cansfield (NQT): Geography Travel & Tourism Environmental Sustainability (Ext Studies)

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1 Introduction: Lorna Cansfield (NQT): Geography Travel & Tourism Environmental Sustainability (Ext Studies)

2 Are you fed up with teaching the same old stuff day in day out? What about getting through all that content? Are you comfortable teaching all of the syllabus? Can you innovate and create new ideas & approaches for each lesson in a non-time-consuming manner?

3 AS – very content heavy & too similar to GCSE Coursework – ACCESS to up-to-date case study material Variety of exam techniques required Lack of time Lack of student motivation / ability to study

4 Not enough! By outcome – grading, more critical of strong candidates and give credit to weaker candidates By task – Putting the most able as group leaders to teach the others. Setting open-ended questions to stretch the more able. Research tasks

5 Variety Do it for them! More media – videos / internet clips Make it relevant – fieldwork days! Enthusiasm – bringing the subject alive & making it relevant to them Change AS year

6 Set lots of homework – normally more basic tasks Task sheets Lots of didactic teaching – rubbish, but only way through

7 Try Staffordshire Learning Net ( for ideas and to get you on your way! Think about ways of approaching the subject differently – teach how you would like to be taught! Thinking skills and interactive learning methods are good ways to motivate students The infamous Interactive Whiteboard! Be enthusiastic and bring in your own experiences where you can!

8 Key Questions Learning Activity / Method Purpose and/or link to key idea Resources Web references (resources) P16 PoSAssessmentTime Integrate innovative ideas into your Scheme of Work Ensure a consistent approach across your department It takes time! Teaching the Character of Place through Food and Music

9 Maps and Visual material! Google Earth! Introducing literature – travel writing Pairs game for key words Group work Peer and Self Assessment Creative & varied teaching Lesson structure & flow Writing articles

10 Knowledge of learning styles at secondary school is handy! Set tasks that extend the GCSE Articles for A-level study Read and highlight – rubbish! Try Mystery type questions Try Facts and Opinions Try Change and Impacts Try +ves and -ves Using the BBC and Guardian websites to search for topical and relevant materials, which are relevant. A number of different exercises could be performed by extracting information and then for homework consolidating knowledge with tasks or essay questions.

11 Case Study Name:Namibia Location Map: References (I did my initial search on google: rapidly expanding population in Namibia) CIA fact book on the country: Population facts in particular: Percentage growth per annum in population: Issues of the growth (e.g. managing resources, providing housing, service & work): Information on the Case Study:

12 Choose a section of your syllabus or a specific lesson, e.g.Conflict at the rural-urban fringe – how are you going to innovate? How would you normally deliver something like this and NOW, how are you going to deliver this differently? Think of an approach and some ideas to deliver your learning aims. You could draft a quick lesson plan or just state a number of ideas for an overall approach! Use the wealth of resources already available to you and be clear about your learning aims! The ideas (and the how to…) come from you!!!

13 Get back to your department and begin a plan of action!

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