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Integrating STEM with TI-Nspire Technology Adrian Oldknow The Mathematical Association

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1 Integrating STEM with TI-Nspire Technology Adrian Oldknow The Mathematical Association

2 Good morning and welcome Apologies for my lousy Powerpoint skills Many thanks to TI for: Supporting this conference Making this fantastic technology Making the last 20 years of my life so much fun! And it still gets better.... And thanks to you for coming along.

3 I guess we know, and are still learning, what TI- Nspire Technology is? But what do you understand by STEM? And why should it be integrated? (Hint: State of the Union) Not: S TE M – but maybe SMarT Our countries need SMarT schools and teachers

4 I’ll take examples from schools developing cross- curricular cooperation to make the subjects more joined-up and engaging for all. Sports and Toys for Enjoyment & Motivation

5 Format of today’s session: First: plug the books! Second: the links are on the handout but e-mail me if you want a copy with live links Third: there will be some data-logging, video capture and geometry using both TI-Nspire and some other technologies. Ready to go?


7 A mental starter a)9.8, 9.8, 9.8, 9.8,..,..,.., b)1, 2, 3, 4, 5,..,..,.., c)1, 4, 9, 15, 25,..,..,.., d)1, 2, 4, 8, 16,..,..,.., e)1, ½, ¼, 1/8, 1/16,..,..,.., In each case predict the next 3 values, sketch a graph, use a name to describe the process, think of an experiment which might give data like this.

8 How fast did Sophie go?

9 Guess where?

10 Can you estimate the date of the photos – and the speed of the Jag?

11 CUT 7 Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Competition Coupe Sold £295,625 - Feb 2005 Length = 4.7 m. Low-drag Mk1 concept – Lord Cowdray

12 Digital camera at 210 fps You could estimate speeds by single- stepping frames e.g. In Media Player

13 US Open Source Physics

14 A video clip analysed in Tracker

15 Sophie in the snow: SSR Enough information to estimate coefficient of friction!

16 Sophie’s run modelled in TI-Nspire

17 GPS sensor in Logger Pro Where was I and what was my journey?

18 Output to Google maps

19 Motion detector CBR2 maths-technology-in-the-classroom maths-technology-in-the-classroom

20 Logger Pro’s triggered data logging, synchronised with video capture

21 So what can TI-Nspire CX do? That’s just a glimpse of PublishView for you!

22 The parabola – why? Problem Picture – Richard Phillips:

23 Working with images – TI-Nspire CX

24 How a telescope works And a torch, too!

25 Teachers TV Hard to Teach - quadratics TDA used the idea for recruitment posters on the London underground and buses.

26 What sorts of motion here?


28 Exploring half-life with TI-Nspire CX


30 STEM is fun and it is all our future



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