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Short Story Writing Assignment

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1 Short Story Writing Assignment

2 This is an exciting assignment Why??!!
You will delve more deeply into the stories you have read by: Writing a thesis statement that you can support Using quotes from the text as evidence to support your thesis statement Detailing the context for the quotes you choose.

3 Intro – Body - Conclusion
Multiple - paragraph essay So, what will these paragraphs be? Intro – Body Conclusion What type of format do you use to cite sources, set margins and type the heading for your paper (in English class)? MLA WC Page

4 You must choose One story to write about.
WHY??!! FOCUS – that’s why.

5 The thesis statement must answer how a particular literary device (your choice) affects/influences a short story. Literary devices: irony (what are the two types?) foreshadowing mood point of view (what are the possibilities?) symbolism conflict (what are the two types?) setting Suspense Allusion

6 The body paragraphs have a job What is their purpose?
Follow these guidelines: No more than three quotations; no more than two lines long. ****Since you will need evidence from the text(s) for each paragraph what will you do to include information from the text in all the paragraphs?******

7 Body paragraphs Strong topic sentences The three Is…. Cite correctly
What must these do? The three Is…. What are they and what do they mean? Cite correctly Which should be easy because you have only to cite the stories we have read and the information is below….use the information right in front of you! INTERPRET!!! Make sure that what you write about the quote(s)/paraphrases you use strengthens your thesis

8 When you think that you have finished your paper:
Use the attached rubric as a checklist for yourself. Check for personal pronouns, contractions, weak/inactive verbs, confused tenses, vague pronouns (all the stuff we have talked about).

Working on your thesis statement: Choose a story that interests you or that you feel that you can intelligently discuss. Decide what literary device the author employs and to what effect. Decide what active verb best describes the relationship between the literary device and the effect it has on the story/stories.

10 Your thesis will answer the following question:
How does a particular literary device affect a short story/stories? Example of thesis with 1 story: Irony heightens the suspense in Ray Bradbury’s short story “The Golden Kite, the Silver Wind.” Each body paragraph will then focus on one example/way that irony heightens the suspense in the story.

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