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SVQ Management Networking Event March 2009 Verification Update.

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2 SVQ Management Networking Event March 2009 Verification Update

3 SVQ Management Networking Event Senior Verifier Report: 2008

4 SVQ Management Networking Event Same general conclusion as last year – and the year before: Most centres have procedures and systems which enable them to deliver awards effectively

5 SVQ Management Networking Event And as a result... candidates produce work of a good standard recognise the support they get from centres and comment on how the award increases their confidence

6 SVQ Management Networking Event Tribute to the commitment and professionalism of all those involved in the delivery of SVQ Management

7 Good practice transparent and clear systems from assessment planning through to internal verification good communication between assessors and candidates use of web based resources to support candidates improved ways to monitor candidate progress – often linked to e-portfolios stronger professional discussion – shorter and sharper

8 Good practice (cont) continued emphasis on naturally occurring performance evidence knowledge requirements – SQA support material wish to continuously improve delivery of SVQ Management

9 Development Points Making sure candidates provide a clear link between the evidence and the standards Ensuring that candidates show that they are aware of what the standards are [page 12 of SQA Assessment Guidebook] [Portfolios are candidate led]

10 Development Points (cont) Evidence submitted is attributable to the candidate and demonstrates what the candidate actually did in order to meet the standards Critical items of evidence – performance evidence; witness testimony; observation Focused professional discussion – description; leading questions

11 Verification Issues in SVQ Management Availability of evidence - centre responsibility to make all relevant evidence available at an EV visit Audit trail - full description of the evidence; explanation of how it enables candidate to demonstrate specific parts of the standards; precise location of the evidence – includes evidence which is confidential Material for visit - CPD records; full sample Internal verification - danger of becoming routine; clear record of action taken

12 SVQ Management Networking Event Thank you again for the work you and your colleagues have done to deliver SVQ Management successfully. It is worth repeating that this shows the commitment of those involved.


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