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SVQ Management Networking Event March 2011 Verification Update.

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2 SVQ Management Networking Event March 2011 Verification Update

3 SVQ Management Networking Event Senior Verifier Report: 2010 Web link -

4 SVQ Management Networking Event Verification visits point to the same conclusions as in the past:  Most centres have procedures and systems which enable them to deliver awards effectively  Candidates are generally very satisfied with their experience of undertaking SVQ Management

5 SVQ Management Networking Event 1. Learning from SVQ Management 2. Performance evidence 3. Candidate-led portfolios 4. Standardisation 5. Internal verification

6 1. Learning from SVQ Management  Good management practice – indicated by outcomes and behaviours in the standards  Underpinning knowledge about management [e.g. some management theories; benefits of actions; reasons for actions] For many candidates [learners], the SVQ Management reinforces current practice provides a structure and framework to their current practice

7 Demonstrating learning from SVQ Management  Show an understanding of the standards [outcomes; behaviours; knowledge and understanding]  Provide evidence of their work as managers to prove that they work in accordance with the standards Candidate has to make a connection between the standards and the evidence provided - outcomes and behaviours [eg annotation; narrative; reflective account; professional discussion] plus, if needed, answers to knowledge questions

8 2. Performance evidence  attributable to the candidate - produced by candidate with her/his name on it or explicitly refer to the candidate by name [e.g. minutes of meeting; e-mail; performance review]  if not directly attributable, should be a clear indication of how and why it shows that the candidate meets the standards N.B. There are other forms of acceptable evidence eg witness testimony; observation

9 3. Candidate-led portfolios  candidates should take ownership of their work – be responsible for putting their portfolios together  advice, guidance and support from the centre [eg from assessor; through centre systems]

10 4. Standardisation  reviewing a Unit [eg assessors make individual judgements on a Unit and compare decisions]  deepening assessors’ knowledge and understanding [eg through management training exercises]  identifying suitable support material and how it can be accessed and used by candidates [eg websites; SQA support material]  maintaining a standardisation log [Consistency of judgement between assessors and over time] Standardisation meetings can involve:

11 5. Internal verification  IV systems [eg sampling across all assessors and all Units; ensuring that actions recommended by IV are carried out and signed off; induction and monitoring of new assessors]  implementing decisions from standardisation meetings  taking forward EV development points

12 SVQ Management Networking Event Thank you for all the work you and your colleagues have done over the past year to deliver SVQ Management successfully. Thank you also for your commitment – it is vital in helping candidates get a positive and beneficial experience.


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