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Introduction Peter Primrose Qualifications Officer.

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2 Introduction Peter Primrose Qualifications Officer

3 Agenda 10:00Welcome & Introduction – Peter Primrose 10 10Experienced Workers Practical Assessed Route (EWPAR) – Peter Primrose 10:15Introduction to SQA Construction Qualifications – John Carr Qualification Overview Approval Visits Pre and Post Approval Development Visits Additional Development Visits 10:45Web site walk through – Peter Primrose. (Apprentice Frameworks - Optional) 11:30(Workshop 1) – Sample EV Report (How would you resolve the issues) 12:30Lunch 13:30(Workshop 2) - Training and Assessment Programmes – All EVs Review and discuss with relevant EVs 14:30Plenary 15:00Close

4 Todays Team Peter Primrose – Qualification Officer Diane Anderson – Qualification Manager BDM – Business Development Manager John McMillan – Plant Maintenance and Operations John McGrath – Plant Maintenance and Operations Neil Griffiths – Occupational Work Supervision John Carr – Construction Operations Charles MacLeod – Roadbuilding, Highways Maintenance and Streetworks

5 What is Quality Network about: You the centres Enhancing quality. Improve the learner experience. Form your own Networks with peers. SQA Update you on any recent or forthcoming changes. Subject experts to support centres and this event. CPD Certification. All of us Share Best Practice.

6 Plant Operations Experienced Worker Practical Assessed Route

7 Plant Operations 3 Parts Centre Information Pack Candidate Application Pack 19 Practical Assessments Available to see today Any other EWPAR materials we could provide

8 Construction Qualifications John Carr Senior E.V.

9 Construction Qualifications Competence Qualifications (NVQs) 135 Level 2 and 3, NVQ Certificate and Diplomas covering 39 suites. Knowledge Qualifications 52 Qualifications Certificates and Diplomas.

10 SQA : Construction Qualifications Supportive Role of E.V. All External Verifiers are Subject Specialists. Knowledge of the award, units, support materials and the issues. External Verification teams carry out verification duties in a consistent systematic supportive and developmental manner. Identify and sharing good practice. Compliance vs Support & Development

11 Types of External Verification Visits Qualification Approval Carried out by External Verifiers (EVs) staff qualifications and experience reference and learning materials assessment materials accommodation and equipment internal verification system Post Approval 1 Free consultation, support and advice.

12 Types of External Verification Visits Development visit. Provide advice and support to centres on the delivery of internally assessed units/qualifications either pre or post approval. Qualification Verification - Free.

13 Construction Qualifications. Support Materials Assessor Guidelines. Learner Guidance and Portfolios. Training and Assessment Programmes (TAPs) - training materials. - practical assessments. - knowledge assessments

14 Construction Qualifications Added Value External Verification. Compliance. Yes ! But a greater focus on ensuring national standards through support and development. High quality support materials to ensure a consistent approach to achieving and maintaining national standards.

15 Construction Qualifications Added Value Quality Networks (Centre Events delivered by External Verifiers) Senior E.V. Overview Reports. Identifying trends and agreeing solutions to develop centres Issues identified from previous year. Best practice disseminated. Developmental workshops. Networking.

16 Construction Operations. Exemplar External Verification. High Level Overview. Session 2008/09. A review of all external verification reports for Construction Operations. Inappropriate assessment planning continues to problematic for many centres, this leads to poorly informed candidates and an Ineffective assessment process. 28 % of External Verifiers reports recorded issues at centres. Sanctions Support and Development from SQA implemented OSAT Quality Manual (ASPs) Quality Networks.

17 General Construction Operations External Verification. High Level Overview. Session 2010/11. Some quotes from the Senior EV Report Assessors at all OSAT centres verified in 2009-2010,had an excellent working knowledge of unit specifications and instruments of assessment All centres had a clear and consistent understanding of evidence requirements One centre had implemented individual PLSPs ( Personal Learning and Support Plans) to gauge candidate support needs. This should be viewed as excellent practice No centre had identifiedissues with verification. Sanctions 0%

18 Support Materials. TAPs focus of Workshop. Subject Specialist E.Vs. Developmental and supportive approach to verification. Identifying and sharing good practice. Quality Networks. Partnership Critical Friend Consolidate. SQA Approach

19 Questions?

20 Web site walk through (Apprentice Frameworks) Peter Primrose Qualifications Officer

21 Web site walk through

22 Apprenticeship Frameworks Contact information Contacts within ConstructionSkills SSC Purpose of the framework Definitions of Apprenticeships Labour Market Information for the next 2 to 5 years Priorities for the sector Aims

23 Apprenticeship Frameworks Entry conditions Ways in which learners can enter an apprenticeship

24 Apprenticeship Frameworks Framework Details Pathways Number of Credits & Guided Learning/Training Hours for Knowledge and Competence Credits for Functional Skills Job Roles Qualifications Transferable Skills Progression Routes - to and from Delivery and assessment of employee rights and responsibilities (ERRs)

25 Apprenticeship Frameworks All Pathway Information How equality and diversity will be met Guide to GLH and Minimum Periods for each Apprenticeship Pathway and Qualification Minimum on-the-job guided learning/training hours How this requirement will be met Minimum off-the-job GLH How this requirement will be met

26 Apprenticeship Frameworks Personal learning and thinking skills (PLTS) assessment and recognition (England) Creative thinking Independent enquiry Reflective learning Team working Self management Effective participation

27 Apprenticeship Frameworks Personal learning and thinking skills (PLTS) assessment and recognition (England) SQA has mapped the PLTS to its knowledge qualifications, available through the SQA Secure web site. Whilst completing the knowledge qualification, candidates will be mentored and assessed on the PLTS by the centre and quality assured by SQA Evidence of PLTS achievement is the certificates for the knowledge qualification.

28 Apprenticeship Frameworks Wider key skills assessment and recognition (Wales) Improving own learning and performance Working with others Problem solving Additional employer requirements

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