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For the Students and Faculty at Athens Middle School Created by: Amanda Gibbs.

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1 For the Students and Faculty at Athens Middle School Created by: Amanda Gibbs

2 Task Pane Click arrow to see other Task Panes Close Task Pane PowerPoint Window Title Bar Menu Bar Standard and Formatting Toolbars Drawing Toolbar Status Bar View Buttons

3 Viewing your PowerPoint Presentation Normal View Outline View Slide Sorter View Notes Page View Slide Show

4 Viewing your PowerPoint Presentation Click View from the Menu Bar to select each of these views except the Outline View. It can be viewed clicking the Outline Tab on the Slide/Outline Pane. Or you can use the View Buttons at the bottom of the Slide/Outline Pane.

5 Normal View

6 Outline View

7 Slide Sorter View

8 Notes Page View

9 Slide Show View This option actually plays your presentation. You can choose this view through the View or Slide Show option from the Menu Bar.

10 Applying a Slide Design A slide design should be applied at the beginning of creating a presentation if used. To apply a slide design, use the Slide Design Task Pane or click Format….Slide Design. You can also change the color of slide designs and apply animations to the slide design.

11 Change Background Color Click Format….Background from the Menu Bar Choose either Apply (which will apply the background color to the current slide) or choose Apply to All (which will apply the background color to ALL slides.

12 Slide Layouts Slide Layouts can be changed by using the Slide Layout Task Pane or by clicking on Format from the Menu Bar and choosing Slide Layout. Types of Layouts: –Text –Content –Text and Content –Other

13 Adding a New Slide Click Insert…New Slide from the Menu Bar Do NOT click File…New – This will create a new presentation.

14 Formatting Text Highlight text by dragging over it. Click Format….Font from the Menu Bar or use the Formatting Toolbar (see next slide). You can change the font type, style, and size….change effects…and change color.

15 Formatting Toolbar Change Font Type and Size Bold, Italicize, or Underline your text Put a shadow with your text Alignment Left, Center, and Right (Justified is not shown) Add a Numbered List Add a Bulleted List Change Font Color

16 Adding Pictures Copy and Paste a picture from a source Click Insert….Picture…Clip Art or From File (if you have a picture saved)

17 Applying a Slide Transition Slide transitioning is how one slide moves to the next slide during the slide show presentation. To apply a slide transition, use the Slide Transition Task Pane or click on Slide Show….Slide Transition. The following options are available with transitioning: speed, sound, apply to current slide or all slides, and choosing to transition by mouse click or automatically after a certain time span.

18 Creating Animation Create a custom animation by clicking on an object on a slide and completing the following steps: –Use the Custom Animation Task Pane or click Slide Show….Custom Animation –Click Add Effect –Choose Entrance, Emphasis, Exit, or Motion Path –Click Play to see a preview of your slide. Notice several other options to choose from when creating animation.

19 Adding Sound You can add sound two different ways: 1.Use the Slide Transition Task Pane, Choose a listed in the Sound drop down menu or other sound to choose a saved sound file 2.Click Insert….Movies and Sounds….Sound from Clip Organizer or Sound from File

20 Adding a Movie Clip Click Insert….Movies and Sounds….Movie from Clip Organizer or Movie from File

21 Deleting a Slide Click on the slide in the Slide Pane or Sorter View and hit the Delete key on the keyboard or right-click and choose Delete. Illustration shows menu that appears after right clicking on slide in Slide Pane.

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