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3 MEDIA INTERACTION Due to the fact our target audience is so large (15-45 year olds) we need to use a variety of ways to reach them. We would use a variety of PUSH and PULL advertising in order to promote our film to the best possible degree For example we would promote our film by releasing trailers in the cinema before films of a similar genre (e.g. EAGLE EYE) as the audiences who are sitting to watch the film are most likely going to be people who like the THRILLER genre. By doing this we are able to directly contact an audience who more likely than not would be OUR target audience.


5 HIGH PROFILE ACTORS I would cast Anthony HOPKINS as the grandfather in our film as his a an extremely talented as respected actors who has a vast and loyal fan base. If he were to be in our film it would also provide us with a tool into attracting his fans to watch the film. He is also a more prestigious actor which means that a larger age group admire his work. I would also cast Andrew Garfield as our protagonist because he is a young talented actor who would appeal to his own personal fan base (which features younger audiences as the films he has featured in (the amazing Spiderman) had younger audiences). The use of two different actors with different fan bases would allow us to attract a larger range of people to watch our film.

6 Anthony Hopkins Andrew Garfield

7 TV INTERVIEWS As we would have the support of a large budget from our production company (NEW LINR CINEMA) we would be able to afford promoting our film on TV through variety of ways. Having high profile actors (such as Anthony Hopkins) allows us with a root into getting onto interview shows (such as The Graham Norton Show and The Jonathon Ross Show) which allow our actors to promote the film.

8 VIRAL MARKETING Our film targets a variety of age groups however included in this age group are teenagers and young adults. An effective way to interact with them audience members is through social networking sites (e.g. twitter and Facebook) as these are commonly used by them. In order to achieve this we would place adverts on these sites. For example a trailer released on Facebook would inspire more people to watch it, and this could lead to it being “shared” which would provide us with free marketing. Also people are more likely to watch a film if recommended to them by friends or family. Another plus of viral marketing is that it INTERNATIONAL which supports our film well as it has a very large target audience.

9 OPEN AUDITIONS FOR A SMALL ROLE By advertising our mainstream actors we gain access to their fan bases. However another effective way of gaining publicity is to advertise a small extra role. For example the advert would read :OPEN AUDITIONS FOR CHANCE TO ACT IN ANTHONY HOPKINS MOVIE! This technique creates a large amount of publicity as news channels often cover it as it generates a lot of people going to the audition.

10 AUDIENCE FEEDBACK LOCATION: in terms of this audience members liked how the setting was one they recognised (a college). They felt that this connection made the film more attractive to them. The reason for this was said to be the fact that our film showed something exciting and interesting happening in a normal place. CHARACTER: audience members who saw our OTS said they though it was interesting how the villain was targeting someone in a college. They were curious as to why? So they explained this would make them want to view the rest of the film in order to find the answer. GENRE: Individuals who viewed the OTS said that they immediately knew it was a THRILLER due to a variety of things. For example they said that the soundtrack was tense and edgy, which in turn made the atmosphere more suspenseful. They also said the fact that you never saw the villain’s face added to an air of mystery and also made it clear it was going to be some type of THRILLER/SPY film. Cinematography wise the audience who viewed our piece said they liked how a range of shots and unusual angles were used as it stopped what was being filmed from being boring. For example one audience member said “It’s actually really good how you filmed something simple that COULD have been dull to watch, but made it interesting”. MISE EN SCENE: Audience members said they really liked the contrast of the dark and sinister villain’s office (with the dark lighting) with the brighter college setting. They also said that the repeated motif of the NIRVANA stickers was effective because they immediately associated them with villain and when the stickers appeared in the college it put the (the audience) on edge as they knew something was going to happen to a student/victim.

11 AUDIENCE FEEDBACK TITLES: The audience liked how our titles looked as the said they complemented our mise en scene. For example they said that the use of the yellow and black font looked good in association with the nirvana stickers that represented the villain. They said that the use of theses similar colour drew their attention even more so to the repeated motif (the stickers) highlighting the importance of what our antagonist was planning. PROPS AND COSTUME: Audience members thought our use of the dark brown leather gloves was very effective as it gave them a clear piece of clothing to identify with the antagonist. It also showed how our antagonist was intelligent and would be hard to uncover the identity of- this quality was said to attract the audience members more as they wanted to watch the rest of the film to find out who the villain was. SOUNDTRACK: Individuals said that our use of an instrumental soundtrack was effective as the sounds (metal noises and beeps) inspired an atmosphere of suspense making them feel on edge and excited. They also liked the dial up tone at the very beginning of the sequence as they felt it showed that something was about to begin (e.g. the same way a dial up tone suggests a conversation is about to begin).

12 EFFECTIVE MARKETING WHY OUR FILM WOULD ATTRACT OUR TARGET AUDIENCE The interesting USP of a modern THRILLER genre attracts our younger audiences (e.g. teenagers). Our use of viral marketing techniques such as advertising on sites such as FACEBOOK and TWITTER would also provide us with a link to younger audiences who commonly use social networking sites. Our film would also attract our audience effectively as our use of two high profile actors who have different age group fan bases allow us to attract the two sides of our own target audience. For example our older audience members may be more attracted to Antony Hopkins in films, whilst our younger target audience Andrew Garfield.


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