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1 Entry to Midwifery Jenny Bailey. 2 Pre Registration Midwifery Education Bachelor of Midwifery BMid (Hons)

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1 1 Entry to Midwifery Jenny Bailey

2 2 Pre Registration Midwifery Education Bachelor of Midwifery BMid (Hons)

3 Sunday, March 30, 20143 Entry Requirements Minimum of 3 A level grades BBB including a hard science* (excludes general studies).* biology, physics or chemistry. Or Minimum of 3 A level grades at BBB (excludes general studies) PLUS AS level grade B(or above) in a hard science subject* biology, physics or chemistry. Plus GCSE Grades A-C (8 passes preferred). English, Mathematics and a Science subject must be included. Key Skills Level 2 in Application of Number or Adult Numeracy can compensate for GCSE Mathematics.

4 Sunday, March 30, 20144 Entry Requirements Access to Higher Education Certificate which must be at distinction and merit levels 12 credits at Level 2 or above in English (preferably approved GCSE equivalent) 12 credits at Level 2 or above in Mathematics (preferably from units approved as having GCSE equivalence) 24 credits at Level 3 in Biology (preferably Human Biology)

5 Sunday, March 30, 20145 Entry Requirements It is preferable that the Access Certificate also includes distinction and merit credits for: 6 credits in Psychology at Level 3 plus 6 credits in Sociology at Level 3 or 12 credits in Social and/or Health Studies at Level 3 Plus 3 credits at Level 2 in Mathematics in a Nursing Context

6 Sunday, March 30, 20146 Entry Requirements 14-19 Advanced Diploma in a relevant subject achieved at a grade A or above Plus 1 AS at B grade minimum in a hard science * biology, physics or chemistry. And English and Mathematics at Higher Diploma level or equivalent will also be considered. i.e. GCSE A-C grade or Key Skills Level 2 in Literacy and Numeracy.

7 Sunday, March 30, 20147 Entry Requirements Edexcel BTEC Extended Diploma with overall award DDM, preferably in a Science subject, with GCSE A-C grades in English, a Science and Mathematics (or Key Skills Level 2 Application of Number or Adult Numeracy). 1 AS level Science* grade B minimum can compensate for lack of science modules. *biology, physics or chemistry.

8 Sunday, March 30, 20148 Entry Requirements CACHE Diploma, overall award at grade B, plus 1 AS level in a Science* at B grade minimum, and GCSEs at C grade or above which must include English, Mathematics and a Science*. Level 2 in literacy and numeracy can compensate for GCSE English and Mathematics. * Biology, Physics or Chemistry

9 Sunday, March 30, 20149 English Language Requirements Your application will not be considered until you have achieved the IELTS academic module with the following scores: At least 7.0 in the listening and reading sections At least 7.0 in the writing and speaking sections An overall score of 7 (out of a possible 9). The NMC will not accept applicants who score lower than this standard.

10 Declaration of qualifications You must ensure you correctly declare all qualifications and grades on your UCAS form (including all fail grades). These must match up with all original certificates. 10

11 Themes of the Programme Midwifery Practice including caseholding Professional, Legal & Ethical Studies Biological Sciences Sociology & Psychology Communications Skills Health Studies Research/ Evidence based practice/ Dissertation in 3 rd year 11

12 12 Taught Sessions: Timetables generally run Monday to Friday 9.30-4-00. Block weeks of taught sessions are planned during each year of the programme Blended learning approach including lectures, seminars, group work, case conferences, IPL, clinical skills, virtual learning, directed and self directed study. All teaching from Sept 2013 will be at the Nottingham campus with occasional teaching at Grantham.

13 Support for IT skills We support students to develop I.T. Skills Moodle Reusable Learning Objects Computer aided Learning packages Podcasts Virtual learning 13

14 Assessments A variety of assessments are used: Exams OSCEs Written assignments Presentations Clinical practice assessment Online assessments Dissertation in final year 14

15 15 Varied Learning Environments

16 Sunday, March 30, 2014JEM ADMPlanning DayMay201116

17 Sunday, March 30, 2014JEM ADMPlanning DayMay201117

18 18 Clinical Placements Community Hospital Neonatal unit Non-midwifery

19 Practice learning sites Boston Chesterfield Derby Lincoln Mansfield Nottingham Sunday, March 30, 2014JEM ADMPlanning DayMay201119

20 20 Additional Clinical Placement Opportunities ERASMUS student exchange scheme-12 week placement in EU country-currently in Belgium and Malta Elective placement- maximum 3 week placement in a clinical area of students choice (funded and arranged by student). Either of these can be undertaken end of 2 nd beginning of 3 rd year of course.

21 Practice Clinical Hours On practice placements, students will be allocated mentors It is necessary to work a similar pattern to your mentor (37.5hr week) This will include evening, weekends, night duty and some public holidays Students may be on call for caseholding 21

22 22 New Student Guidance NMC (2010) Guidance on Professional Conduct for Nursing and Midwifery Students. London, NMC

23 Sunday, March 30, 201423 Practical Issues Money Being away from home Holidays- some flexibility built into curriculum Accommodation -students requiring accommodation will be based at the Nottingham campus. Students will then be assisted in obtaining accommodation at the centre at which they are allocated to for their practice learning (e.g. Derby, Mansfield, Chesterfield, Boston and Lincoln).

24 Sunday, March 30, 201424 Practical Issues cont Travel- it is expected that students will either travel to their placements or arrange accommodation at these centres for practice learning placements. All theoretical sessions from Sept 2013 will take place at the Nottingham campus. Students are expected to travel to the Nottingham site for taught content or take up accommodation during these periods.

25 25 Support for You Personal teacher Academic study support Disability liaison officer Counselling services Students union NAMA

26 26 Midwifery Taster Course: Criteria Time: Six and half days 1½ days theoretical 4 days observational clinical practice 1 day self directed Age: Sixth formers and over (over 18 for Mansfield) Access: Open to anyone interested in Midwifery Venue: Nottingham for theory sessions and Derby, Chesterfield, Lincoln, Mansfield, and Nottingham for practice placements For further information, please contact- Midwifery Secretary, Academic Division of Midwifery, Level 3, Rehab block, Training Centre, Royal Derby Hospital, Uttoxeter Rd, Derby DE22 3NE

27 27 Essential skills for the programme Note taking skills Listening skills IT skills including use of Internet Time management Flexible approach to learning

28 28 How to get an Interview 12 applications for each place! Remember you are applying to become a member of the midwifery profession Why should we take the time to interview you? Consider your personal statement Supporting reference should refer to midwifery Consider what do midwives do? What skills, knowledge and attitudes do you have that will make you a good student and a good midwife?

29 29 Research and prepare http:// Midwife/index.aspx Midwife/index.aspx midwife/

30 30 Qualifications on Completion Registered Midwife (NMC) Honours Degree in Midwifery (University of Nottingham) e.g. J. Smith R.M. BMid (Hons.)

31 31 Salary Scales for Midwives Newly Qualified £21,176 – £27,534 With further skill development (6-24 months) £25,472 - £34,189 Senior Midwife £30,460 – £40,157 Modern Matron £38,851 – 46,621 Consultant Midwife £45,254 - £97,478

32 32 Questions?

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