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1. 2 3 Georgia has Led the Nation for 3 Consecutive Years.

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3 3 Georgia has Led the Nation for 3 Consecutive Years

4 What can you do to know your stops are safe? Pupil Transportation Records Assessment Section 3, item F Annual on-board skill assessment is administered GaDOE has not previously provided Specific forms or Defined on-board assessment process GaDOE Annual Bus Stop Driver Assessment provided on 12/17/12 Complete tool to score yourself and reverse trend of student fatalities 4

5 Improve driver performance & learning Drivers should be treated as professionals Purpose is to help them Not a threatening or gotcha process Use annual assessment to improve bus stop safety Identify and resolve any issues with: 1. Safety of bus stop locations 2. Bus drivers carrying out required duties 3. Students executing essential safe behaviors 5

6 Pre-Assessment Orientation Inform drivers on Areas and items to be observed & assessed On-Board Observation Ride Good score = Official assessment of record Poor score = Extended phase with remediation To be followed w/another assessment observat. Post Observation Conference Required after each extended phase Required after some satisfactory assessments w/limited issues 6

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8 Roll out to drivers is critical. They must... Not be caught off guard Not be seen as threatening Not be seen as gotcha process Everyone wants the same thing Students to be safe at bus stop and when loading & unloading Fatality history has taught what is required Meet with drivers prior to their assessment Promote driver understanding to get buy-in Essential to success 8

9 You want your drivers to understand The overall process The scoring guidelines The forms that will be used Provide a copy of the Loading & Unloading scoring forms Ensure drivers have the new Unit 6 Internet – Business-Operations/Pupil- Transportation/Pages/School-Bus-Safety.aspx Business-Operations/Pupil- Transportation/Pages/School-Bus-Safety.aspx Or provide an actual printed copy 9

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11 You decide who performs ride You Supervisor Trainer Lead bus driver, etc. Whatever works – Find a way! Can be either a morning or afternoon load If AM this year, then maybe PM next year Ride multiple loads if possible in AM or PM Ride – Get off @ school – Ride different load 11

12 Overall Satisfactory score = Official assessment of record Failure to score overall Satisfactory Extended Phase period Post observation conference Related remedial training Follow-up assessment observation(s) Until driver scores overall Satisfactory Overall Satisfactory score = Becomes official assessment of record 12

13 13

14 NOT required If driver scores Satisfactory on ALL items IS required to provide clarity & direction If driver has up to 2 Developing scores in area Driver was really good, but not quite perfect Discuss items needing attention If driver scores poorly – Extended Phase Discuss area(s) & item(s) needing improvement Clarify what remedial training will be provided Discuss time frame for corrections 14

15 15

16 Place check mark in appropriate space Use N/A as needed Use this key in making scoring decisions: Satisfactory = Meets or exceeds expectations They got it right Developing = Overall meets expectations with limited exceptions They got it right most of the time Needs Improvement = Does not meet expectations They got it wrong 16

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19 Items are based on New Unit 6 material Some items not responsibility of driver Only items with ** count towards drivers score Needs Improvement score for bus stop items Resolved by Transportation Office Adjust stop, if possible, to improve safety There will be no Developing scores Only Satisfactory or Needs Improvement 19

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22 Items are based on New Unit 6 material What is the driver doing As they approach the stop? When loading or unloading? When leaving the stop? Score all items in this area Use N/A as needed Use the Scoring Criteria Guide provided 22

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26 Items are based on New Unit 6 & School Bus Safety Curriculum Students must execute safe behaviors School Bus Safety Curriculum may or may not be taught in schools Bus driver is teacher, enforcer & reinforcer See and know what students are doing Have duty to ensure students are safe Evaluate driver on Student Safe Behaviors Only if on route/load for 4 weeks Need time to train students 26

27 27

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29 Satisfactory School Bus Driver Assessment Recommended overall Satisfactory score = Becomes official assessment of record No Needs improvement scores at all or Up to 2 Developing scores in same area (Up to 2 in any or all of 3 areas) = Driver Duties Student Safe Behaviors Door Side Student Safe Behaviors Across the Road Detailed guidance at Post Observation Conference 29

30 Extended Phase Assessment Observation Recommended Extended Phase = 3 or more Developing scores in same area 1 or more Needs Improvement scores in any area Becomes informal diagnostic assessment Detailed guidance at Post Observation Conf. Followed by related remedial instruction/training Followed by another assessment observation Repeat process until Satisfactory is achieved Final successful assessment becomes official assessment of record 30

31 Unsatisfactory School Bus Driver Assess. Recommend overall Unsatisfactory score ONLY if driver fails to remediate in Extended Phase after repeated attempts School system decides how many attempts to retrain, rescore, etc. Becomes official assessment of record Pressure is on you to rehabilitate the driver Stakes are high for driver and for school system So after exhausting all effort... Can you keep an Unsatisfactory driver? 31

32 You have been provided the resources required to help protect your students School Bus Safety Curriculum Elementary school Middle school New Unit 6 – Loading & Unloading Power Point and narrative for new Unit 6 Annual Bus Stop Driver Assessment Instructions & defined process Required forms This PPT to use in training your staff 32

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