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Welcome to our Year 10 target setting evening March 2014.

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1 Welcome to our Year 10 target setting evening March 2014

2 What we will cover this evening? Distribution of progress report and attendance data Explanation of progress report and attendance data Key dates in the Year 10 calendar Next steps and the sixth form Opportunity to set targets

3 What does the progress report contain? The autumn grade: the grade your daughter was assessed as working at in November 2013 A current grade: the grade your daughter is currently working at A predicted grade : the grade teachers feel your daughter will achieve in 2015 based on her current rate of progress A challenging target grade (the minimum grade we feel she should aim to achieve) % attendance to date Some subjects (e.g. BTEC Science) assess progress as pass, merit and Distinction. GCSE grades go from A*-U Where a current grade is lower than the autumn grade, please remember that subjects assess different skills and knowledge at each assessment point Where the predicted grade is lower than the target grade, action plans will have been created in each subject area

4 Why does this report matter? An important milestone towards summer exams They tell us as teachers where your strengths are and what you need to do to improve We are now over half way through the first year of GCSE studies so these grades will help to focus minds

5 Why do your English and Maths results matter? Students who get a C or better in both English and Maths, along with at least 3 other GCSE qualifications will have a wider range of Post-16 options Students who get a C or better in both English and Maths, along with at least 3 other GCSE qualifications earn a higher average salary than those who dont Increased job security and employability prospects

6 Key dates Y11 parents evening Wednesday 19 th March (4pm-6pm) Revision and study skills training for all students TBC Controlled Assessments ongoing Year 10 exams begin 16 th June Work experience Summer term

7 Holidays (use time wisely) Mon 7/04/14– 23/04/14 (Easter break) Mon 26/05/14 – 30/05/14 (May Half Term) End of term: Friday 18 th July

8 Post-16 options Mrs Allerston, Head of Sixth Form

9 Why Bellerive? 99% Pass Rate at A level Bellerive 2013 Excellent record for successful transition to Further and Higher Education Well-qualified and committed teachers Excellent facilities and resources Specialist college for mathematics, sciences computing and applied learning Excellent care, guidance and support Bellerive FCJ Sixth Form Centre

10 Curriculum Offer A full range of a level subjects including some new subjects that you will not have studied before ……….. Media studies Psychology Government and Politics Health and Social Care 28 courses on offer across the Partnership Bellerive FCJ Sixth Form Centre

11 1.Know what you want to study? – Check out the entry requirements 2.Not sure yet? – Keep your options open! 3.Think balance 4.GCSEs and other standard level qualifications matter… 5. Make sure you know WHY? Bellerive FCJ Sixth Form Centre The Five Point Plan For Making Your Post 16 Choices

12 Entry Requirements Bellerive FCJ Sixth Form Centre If you achieve 5 GCSEs at A*- C you can take AS Levels in Year 12. In addition, each subject has specific entry requirements. Some subjects, for example, require a B at GCSE

13 Wider Opportunities Leadership Opportunities Volunteering University visits Sixth Form Council Trips Duke of Edinburgh Mock United Nations Oxbridge Preparation Programme Bellerive FCJ Sixth Form Centre


15 What can parents do to help with GCSEs in general? Encourage your daughter to attend extra support classes Ensure there is a suitable study location at home Minimise her time on social networking and the internet! Make sure you have a copy of the homework timetable displayed at home Continue to support us in making sure your daughter attends school and is punctual Contact us with any concerns

16 …you could do your homework wherever, whenever – even with no textbooks? …your homework was packed with animations and activities, not just text? …your homework explained bits you got wrong? …you always knew what homework to do, and when? …you got a mark straight away and could then try to improve your score? …you could do your homework on a computer Wouldnt you love it if…

17 Enter your school name, username and password. Your teacher will be able to remind you of your username and password at the end of this assembly To log in to Doddle, go to and click on the login button at the top.

18 Accessing Doddle Institution: Bellerive FCJ Catholic College L8 3SB Username: school email address OR Doddle shorted username of firstnamesurnameyearstarted (as explained below) Initial password: bellerive Passwords can be reset by clicking the forgotten password link Usernames for all students, if they chose not to use email address, is firstnamesurnameyearstarted as detailed below (current year 10s will end with 10) janesmith10

19 What happens next? Please complete the target setting sheet Action plans are being produced for students who are in danger of underperforming in each subject area Please collect a parent information booklet, a revision booklet and a study timetable This PowerPoint will be available on the school website ( Many thanks for taking the time to attend this evening We will see you again on Wednesday 19 th March for Y10 parents evening

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