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Chapter 16 Medicine and Illegal Drugs. Lesson 1 What are drugs?

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1 Chapter 16 Medicine and Illegal Drugs

2 Lesson 1 What are drugs?

3 Drugs Is any chemical substances that causes a change in a persons physical or psychological state.

4 How drugs enter your body 1-ointments or eardrops applied directly to certain areas 2- transdermal(patch es allow absorption into bloodstream) 3-Smoked or inhaled 4-Injected 5-swallowed

5 Lesson 2 Using Drugs as Medicine

6 Medicine Any drug that is used to cure, prevent, or treat illness or discomfort

7 Prescription Medicine Written order from a doctor for a certain medicine or treatment

8 Over-the-counter Any medicine that can be bought without a prescription

9 Drug Interaction Any effect of a drug that is different from what should be expected if the drug is taken at the same time as another drug

10 Side effect Any effect that is caused by a drug and that is different from the drugs intended effect – Loss of hair – Dizziness, – Exhaustion – Nausea – others

11 Tolerance Is the bodys ability to resist the effects of a drug

12 Food and Drug Administration(FDA) Government agency that controls the safety of food and drugs in the United States

13 Drug Approval Process Scientist test drug on animals Scientists develop a new drug Drugs are tested on humans who have If drug testing on animals seem to be safe FDA reviews the research and approves or rejects the drug If the test on humans proves to be useful then it is approved

14 Lesson 3 Drug Abuse and Addiction

15 Drug Addiction Uncontrollable use of a drug

16 Dependence A person needing a drug in order to function properly

17 Physical Dependence Bodys need for a drug

18 Withdrawals Symptoms – Depression – Nervousness – Sleeplessness – irritability

19 Problems with addiction Hurts oneself Hurts others Mood swings Lying to loved ones Focusing in school Cost of addiction

20 Lesson 4 Stimulants and Depressants

21 Stimulants Drug that increases the bodys activity Increases heart rate Increases breathing Increases blood pressure

22 Examples of stimulants Mild stimulants – Tea – Coffee – Soft drinks – Chocolate Hard stimulants – Crack – Cocaine – methamphetamine

23 Cocaine and Crack Most widely abused illegal stimulants. Comes from a coca plant grown in South America. Cocaine is usually inhaled Crack (rock)is smoked

24 Physical symptoms of Crack and Cocaine Increase of heart rate Increase of blood pressure Heart attack Strokes Brain damage death

25 Euphoria A physical or mental sense of well-being

26 Methamphetamine Very powerful synthetic stimulant – Smoked – Injected Decrease appetite Increase body temperature – Damage to kidneys – Damage to liver – Damage to brain – Death

27 Depressants Decreases body activity – Decrease blood pressure – Drop in heart rate – Drop in breathing

28 Sedatives Have a mild relaxation to deep sleep

29 Tranquilizers Are mild depressants that are used in small doses to treat anxiety

30 Barbiturates Strong depressants that are used to treat sleep disorders and seizures

31 Hypnotics Extremely powerful depressants that can cause sleep, loss of muscle control, and loss of memory

32 Rohypnol Powerful hypnotic depressant Used for surgery and to treat sleep disorders Not used in America but is brought in from other countries

33 Lesson 5 Marijuana

34 Is a dried flower and leaf from the Cannabis plant Many different names – Pot – Dope – Mary Jane – Green – Bud – reefer

35 Effects of Marijuana Some feel a stimulant affect Some feel a depressant affect – Mild euphoria – Distortion of time and distance – Reduced energy and coordination – Sensitivity to sights and sounds – Increased appetite – Decreased memory – Slower reaction time

36 THC tetrahydrocannabinol

37 Serious effects of marijuana Thinking and concentration decreased Difficulty reaching any goals Decreases energy Circulatory problems emphysema

38 Lesson 6 Opiates

39 Milk from a opium poppy

40 Opiates Extremely addictive sometime after just one use Often there is a strong tolerance so there is a danger of overdose

41 Opiate withdrawals Cramps Vomiting Muscle pain Shaking Chills Panic attacks

42 Medical uses for Opiates Painkillers Suppress coughs Intestinal problems

43 Heroin Most powerful addictive opiate that exists It is made from morphine Can be smoked, inhaled or injected.

44 Lesson 7 Hallucinogens and Inhalants

45 Hallucinogens Any drug that causes a person to hear or see things that are not present.

46 Flashback Is an event in which a hallucinogens effects happen again long after the drug was originally taken – They occur days, weeks or even years. – They last for seconds to hours

47 Inhalant Any drug that is absorbed through the lungs Household cleaners Spray paint Glues Freon Nitrous oxide (laughing gas

48 Inhalants produce Hallucinations Lack of coordination Distortion of time and distance Difficulty speaking or thinking Brain damage Sudden death

49 Designer Drugs Is a drug that is produced by making a small chemical change to a drug that already exists – Ecstasy – GHB – Ketamine

50 Ecstasy(MDMA) Mind-altering drug that was created from the powerful stimulant methamphetamine – XTC – E – X – Adam

51 Ecstasy Causes – Dry mouth – Nausea – Confusion – Blurred vision – Muscle tension – Dehydration – Seizures – Violent shaking in the muscles – Heart failure – Sleep disorders – Memory loss – Brain damage

52 GHB Is a drug that is made from anesthetics. Common ingredient is in pesticides

53 GHB effects Dizziness Vomiting Loss of memory Trouble breathing Inability to move Loss of consciousness Death

54 Ketamine Is a powerful drug that is closely related to the hallucinogen PCP (angel dust). This drug is most often used during surgery on people or animals. Gives you a sense of dissociation (separation from reality) Causes permanent memory loss and coma

55 Lesson 9 Staying drug free

56 Reasons to stay drug free 1- Staying healthy 2-Staying in control 3-Making good decisions 4-Staying out of jail 5-saving your money

57 Refusing Drugs Avoid situation with people who have drugs Just say No thanks Give reasons for not taking the drugs Just leave

58 Lesson 10 Getting help

59 Knowing when to get help First you need to realize that there is a problem

60 Intervention A gathering in which the people who are close to a person who is abusing drugs try to get the person to accept help by relation stories of how his or her drug problem has affected them

61 Counseling A professional who is trained to offer advice and solutions for emotional problems by addressing the emotional problem behind the drug problem

62 Treatment Centers A facility with trained doctors and counselors where people who abuse drugs can get help for their problems

63 Detoxification Is the process by which the body rids itself of harmful chemicals

64 Support Groups A group of people who have undergone the same or very similar problems.

65 Many Paths to Wellness Drug Problem Intervention Counseling Treatment Centers Support Group Wellness

66 Chapter 16 Medicine and Illegal Drugs

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