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Alcohol/Drug Addiction. Types of Addiction Tobacco Alcohol Drugs *Natural high.

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1 Alcohol/Drug Addiction

2 Types of Addiction Tobacco Alcohol Drugs *Natural high

3 Alcohol and Your Body Types of Alcoholic Beverages – Fermentation – Ethanol, Methanol, etc… Alcohol in Your Body – Central Nervous System(CNS)- consists of the brain, and spinal cord – Depressant- a drug that slows body functioning. Alcohol and Your Brain Alcohol in the Blood – Blood Alcohol Concentration(BAC)- is the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream Individual Reactions to Alcohol

4 Immediate Effects of Alcohol Losing control – Intoxication- is the physical and mental changes produced by drinking alcohol. – Alcohol poisoning- the damage to physical health caused by drinking too much alcohol. Can be fatal!!! – Hangover- the uncomfortable physical effects caused by alcohol use, including headache, dizziness, stomach upset, nausea, and vomitting Injury and Harm

5 Long-term Effects of Alcohol Alcohol’s effects – Cirrhosis- a deadly disease that replaces healthy liver tissue with useless scar tissue – Tolerance- a condition in which a person needs more of a drug to feel the original effects of the drug – Alcohol abuse- the inability to drink in moderation or at appropriate times Alcohol and Pregnancy – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome(FAS)- may include mental retardation, organ abnormalities, and learning and behavioral problems.

6 Alcohol and Decision Making Alcohol Influences Social Decisions – Inhibition- a mental process that restrains your actions, emotions, and thoughts Alcohol and Violence Alcohol, Driving, and Injuries – A Deadly Decision Reaction time- the amount of time from the instant your brain detects an external stimulus until the moment you respond Pressure to Drink-Internal/External Deciding not to Drink – Stopping the Injuries

7 Alcoholism Physical Dependence Psychological Dependence – Alcoholism- a disease in which a person is physically and psychologically dependent on alcohol.(chronic Illness) – Physical Dependence- the body’s chemical need for a drug Factors that Contribute to Alcoholism Overcoming Alcoholism – Recovery- learning to live without alcohol.

8 What Are Drugs?/Drugs as medicine What is a drug? – Drug- any chemical substance that causes a change in a person’s physical or psychological state How drugs enter your body Prescription Medicine – Medicine that can be bought only with a written order from a doctor Over-the-Counter Medicine – Any medicine that can be bought without a prescription Drug Interactions Side effects and Drug Allergies

9 Drug Abuse and Addiction Drug Addiction – The uncontrollable us of a drug – Drug abuse- the misuse of a drug on purpose or the use of any illegal drug – Dependence- needing the drug in order to function properly. Physical Dependence – The body’s chemical need for a drug Psychological Dependence – A person’s emotional or mental need for a drug Drug addiction and Relationships School Problems due to drugs addiction The cost of drug addiction

10 Stimulants and Depressants Stimulants – Any drug that increases the body’s activity Cocaine and crack cocaine Methamphetamine Depressants(Sedatives) – Any drug that decreases activity in the body Rohypnol Marijuana – What is Marijuana? The dried flowers and leaves of the Cannabis Plant Many names Effects are different from person to person Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC)- the active substance in Marijuana – The Long-term Effects of Marijuana Decrease ability to think and concentrate Decrease energy Same effects as Cigarettes

11 Opiates, Hallucinogens, Inhalants, and Designer Drugs What are opiates? – Any drug that is produces from the milk of the opium poppy – Extremely Addictive(Strong high) – Hard to break addictions(Withdrawal) – Have many medical uses(but still misused) – Example- Heroin What are hallucinogens and inhalants? – Hallucinogens-Any drug that causes a person to hallucinate – Inhalants-any drug that is inhaled and absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs – Flashback- an event in which a hallucinogen’s effects happen again long after the drug was originally taken. What are designer drugs? – A drug that is produced by making a small chemical change to a drug that already exists – Examples- Ecstasy, GHB, Ketamine

12 Staying Drug Free/Getting Help Reason to stay drug free – Staying Healthy – Staying in Control – Making good decisions – Staying out of jail – Saving your money Knowing when you need help and getting it!!! Helping someone else – Intervention- a gathering in which the people who are close to a person who is abusing drugs try to get the person to accept help by relating stories of how his or her drug problem has affected them Counseling Treatment centers – A facility with trained doctors and counselors where people who abuse drugs can get help for their problems – Detoxification- the process by which the body rids itself of harmful chemicals Support groups(AA, NA) Recovery is never one step Refuse Drugs-Refusal Skills

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