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2 the origin of the Olympic Games
the old and modern Olympic Games the events in the Olympic Games

3 great game festivals in celebration of the god, Zeus religious ceremony the early foot races and other events are are depicted on the ruins. Olympia

4 The old Olympic games 776BC—393AD In Athens of Greece
Only men, no women Time: Place: Athletes:

5 The founder of the modern Olympic Games and Olympic Movement
Pierre de Coubertin .

6 The Panathenian Stadium
The first modern Olympic Games were held in the stadium. It is in the heart of the Greek capital, Athens.

7 The modern Olympic Games
Time: 1896 Many places in the world Anybody of every country Several hundred kinds in track and field --until now Place: Athletes: Sports games:

8 Look at the pictures and tell what sports they are.
Sailing/ Yachting Skiing Volleyball Baseball Climbing Running Cycling wrestling Badminton Fencing Golf Look at the pictures and tell what sports they are. Boxing Table Tennis Gym Shooting Weight-lifting Shooting Swimming Basketball

9 Speaking Asking about interests and hobbies: Possible answers:
Which do you like,…or …? What’s your favourite sport? Which sport do you like best? Which do you prefer,…or…? What about? Are you interested in …? Possible answers: Sure. I love…/Yes, very much./No, not really. Shooting. I think. I like…best. I prefer …to … I like watching it./ I’d rather watch it than play it. Speaking

10 Homework: Be ready for dictation Preview the “reading” and “post- reading” “阅读训练” unit 8--A

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