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All The Olympic Games By Megan Kniveton.

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1 All The Olympic Games By Megan Kniveton

2 The Greek Olympic Games
The earliest Greek Olympics games were held in 776 BC. Women were not allowed to go to the Olympic games to watch or play because there was a separate Olympics for them. Pankration wrestling was one of the games on the 4th day. The running track was much wider than the modern one. The Greeks believed that a healthy body was very important . The Ancient Olympic games were a part of a religious festival in honour of Zeus, the father of Greek gods and goddesses.+

3 The Greek Olympic games
The Olympics always started with a choir singing. At first the only Athletic competition at the Olympics was a single short foot race 170 meters long. For the first 12 Olympics that was all there was.

4 The modern Olympics By the time the first modern Olympic games started
In Athens in 1896 ,the idea was already More than a 100 years old. Between 1834 and 1836 there had already been games in Scandinavia. Athens, home of the ancient games, was chosen as host for the first modern Olympics and some of the games were rowing, sailing, shooting, swimming.

5 Great Britain Came 4th 2008 Beijing Olympics
In the Olympic overall table China won the Olympics games with 100 medals USA came second Russia came third and Great Britain Came 4th

6 Thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed it and learnt lots of things.

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