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There are 88 Days left before the Olympics begin (This is from Monday April 30th)

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1 There are 88 Days left before the Olympics begin (This is from Monday April 30th)

2 When and where were the First Olympics? In 776 B.C. the first Olympics were held in Europe at Olympia, Greece. Olympia was a sanctuary dedicated in honor of Zeus, the father of all Greek Gods and Goddesses. The games were part of a religious festival. (Photos from right: model of layout of Zeus’ Sanctuary; gateway to stadium Photo credit: Hellenic Ministry of Culture)


4 Who could compete in the Olympics? www.britishcouncil.or g Free-born Greeks and those who spoke Greek Separate men’s and boys’ divisions Divisions based on age and physical size and strength NO WOMEN (married women could not even watch)

5 What prizes did Olympic victors get? A laurel wreath to the victor The ancient Olympiads competed as individuals

6 Pentathlon This was a 5-event combination of discus, javelin, jumping, running and wrestling. The discus was made of stone, iron, bronze, or lead, and was shaped like a flying saucer. Sizes varied, since the boys' division was not expected to throw the same weight as the mens'. The javelin was a man-high length of wood, with either a sharpened end or an attached metal point. It had a thong for a hurler's fingers attached to its center of gravity, which increased the precision and distance of a javelin's flight. Athletes used lead or stone jump weights (halteres) shaped like telephone receivers to increase the length of their jump. Discus Javelin Jump

7 Running Track: Olympia, Greece

8 The Modern Games Revived in 1896 and first hosted in Athens, Greece Medals replaced the laurel wreaths

9 The first modern olympic games were held in April 1896. They attracted Athletes from the United States, Great Britain and 11 other nations. Only 42 events in 9 sports were scheduled for these games

10 Modern Olympics Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are awarded to winners of each event. The Modern Olympic flag of five linked rings, each with a primary color used in the flags of the nations competing in the games, was introduced in 1908. The idea of the Olympic torch or Olympic Flame was first inaugurated in the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam. There was no torch relay in the ancient Olympic Games. The selection of a city to host each Olympics, winter or summer, is made by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Olympics

11 Gymnastics Here are some of the Olympic Sports that you can look out for in the Summer!

12 Swimming

13 Water Polo

14 Basketball

15 Football

16 Diving

17 Badminton

18 Fencing

19 Volley Ball

20 Weightlifting

21 Wrestling

22 Table Tennis

23 Track and Field

24 Canoe slalom (

25 Videos: OYve6cMers (silly Olympic Video) Dt4jjS_dyA (the moment it was announced that London has won the Olympic Bid) OYve6cMers Dt4jjS_dyA

26 Olympic Sport in the Spotlight http://www1.skysports.c om/olympics/handball/vi deo/21860/7571486/ Timelapse video of the Copper Box (Handball arena) being built http://www1.skysport ball/video/21860/744 4797/ A guide to Handball


28 Olympic and Paralympic Values Values Video T:\AA Communications\Olympics Assemblies\Values_video.w mv


30 Giant Olympic Rings in Kew Gardens

31 These are the sports at the Olympic Games. Do you know all of them?

32 Which is your favourite? the Olympic Games

33 This link will let you find out more about each sport. the Olympic Games

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