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What happened after Muhammad

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1 What happened after Muhammad
Spread of Islam What happened after Muhammad

2 Split of Islam After Muhammad died his successors began to argue who would take over for him. Two factions emerged: Sunni Shiite

3 Sunni Beliefs The Sunni believed that while the next leader of Islam should be pious and know Islam closely they saw him as only a leader

4 Shiite Beliefs They believed that the next leader of Islam should be a direct family member to Muhammad either his daughter or son in law His son in law would become the leader for a short time but would be assassinated

5 Empires of the Caliphate
After the death of Muhammad’s son in law a family known as the Umayyads stepped up to rule over the Islamic would They would from the 660’s to around 750CE They were seen as corrupt and favoring the Sunni beliefs.

6 Empires of the Caliphate
The Abbassids under the direction of Abu al- Abbas would bring down the Umayyad leaders by capturing their capital at Damascus and moving the center of the Muslim world to Baghdad Around 850 CE the empire would begin to fall apart.

7 Invading Peoples Around 900CE the Seljuk Turks would migrate to the Middle East from Central Asia, By 1055 the Sultan of the Middle East was Seljuk The Seljuk’s would push into modern day Turkey and would threaten the Byzantines This would be the spark for the Crusades which would go until the 1200’s

8 Mongols In 1216 Genghis Khan would invade the Mesopotamian area leading the Mongol Empire. The Mongols would kill off any remnants of the Abbassids Eventually the Mongols would adopt Islam which would help is spread throughout the world.

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