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Get into groups of 3. Islam was founded by……..? And in the city of ……? 1 pt Muhammad in the city of Mecca.

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1 Get into groups of 3

2 Islam was founded by……..? And in the city of ……? 1 pt Muhammad in the city of Mecca

3 What is the name of the holy book of Islam? What language was it written in? Why? 3 points total The QuranArabic The truest word of God

4 What are the basic duties of Muslims called? 1 pt The Five Pillars of Islam

5 What is the first Pillar of Islam--- use your hand signal! 1 pt Proclamation of Faith- there is one God, Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet

6 Second Pillar of Islam- 1 pt Pray five times a day in the direction of Mecca

7 What is the Third Pillar of Islam?- 1 pt Give alms or charity to the poor

8 1 1 What is the Fourth Pillar of Islam? 1 pt Fast during the holy month of Ramadan- no food or drink from sunrise to sunset

9 2 2 What is the Fifth Pillar of Islam? 1 pt. The Hajj- The pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime

10 2 2 What must all Muslims who make the Hajj wear? 1 pt AND Why? 2 pts Plain white robes It shows equality before Allah

11 3 3 What is the unofficial pillar that is the rationale for terrorists to 1pt launch war against non-Muslims? Jihad

12 4 4 What is the name of Islamic Law? 1 pt Sharia

13 What is the word for a successor to Muhammad? 2 pts caliph

14 5 5 Who was the first caliph? 3 pts Abu Bakr

15 5 5 Why was Islam able to spread so rapidly? 1 pt each Weak Byzantine and Persian Empires Treatment of conquered people Unifying religion

16 What are the 3 holiest cities in Islam. 2 pts Mecca Medina Jerusalem

17 Shiite – believed only descendants of Muhammad should be his successor; believed the descendants were divinely inspired. Divisions in Islam- explain- 3 pts Sunni – believed the caliph should be chosen by Muslim leaders; do not view his as a religious authority.

18 Umayyad Dynasty (661 – 750) What was the first Islamic dynasty? 2 pts

19 What was the furthest Islam spread to the west? 2 pts Cordoba, Spain

20 Genghis Khan conquered Islamic lands. What empire was he a part of? 1 pt Mongols

21 Abbassid Dynasty Captured Damascus in 750 and ruled until the mid 1200s. Ended Arab domination of Islam. Centered in Baghdad Adopted Persian style government Golden Age of Islam Around 850, rule began to decline as independent dynasties began to rule separate Muslim states. Name the Dynasty- 1 pt

22 What is a golden age? A time of heightened prosperity in a civilization that could include achievements in the arts and sciences.

23 Why did Islam experience a Golden Age? 1 pt. each Extensive and prosperous trade (banks, credit) Manufacturing Treatment of conquered people Military conquests

24 What accomplishments did they have? Be specific 1 pt each Astronomy, Literature, Mathematics, Education, Medicine

25 What was the first Islamic empire In India? 2 pts The Delhi Sultanate

26 What was the second Islamic civilization in India, ruled by Akbar the Great? 1 pt The Mughals

27 What city did the Ottoman Turks capture in 1453? Constantinople

28 The Safavids set up an empire that was in what present day country? 1 pt. Iran

29 What legacy did the Safavids leave in Iran? Shiite Muslims

30 Muslims in the World Today


32 Effects Acts of violence against Muslims and “Arab looking” United States citizens skyrocketed. Widespread ignorance and prejudice swept across America.

33 Terrorism? Facts: -U.S. government estimates there are roughly 3,000 active members of Al Qaeda -Roughly 1,200,000,000 Muslims in the world -Therefore.0000025% of Muslims are members of the terrorist group, Al Qaeda!!

34 Most Important Information Golden Age = advances in math, science and medicine Empire = Spain, North Africa and Arabian Peninsula Preserved Greek and Roman learning (Greco-Roman)

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