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Biotic Relationships:

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1 Biotic Relationships:
Community Interactions

2 Biotic Relationships Competition Predation Symbiosis

3 Competition Examples:
Organisms attempt to use a resource in the same place at the same time Examples: Water Nutrients Light Food space

4 Predation One organisms captures and feeds on another
Predator is the killer/eater Prey is the food

5 Symbiosis Any relationship in which two species live closely together
Three main classes: Mutualism Commensalism Parasitism

6 Mutualism Both species benefit Example: flower and bee

7 Commensalism One benefits, the other is neither benefited nor harmed
Example: barnacles and whale Barnacle filter feeds

8 Parasitism One benefits, the other is harmed
Parasite lives on or in the host, and obtains some/all of its nutrients from host Examples: tapeworms, fleas, ticks, lice

9 What type of relationship?
Remora and shark Remora uses shark for transportation and eats the shark’s leftover food

10 What type of relationship?

11 What type of relationship?

12 What type of relationship?
Clownfish clean anemones Sea anemones provide protective habitat

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