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Interactions Among Living Things A 7 th Grade science presentation.

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1 Interactions Among Living Things A 7 th Grade science presentation

2 Interactions  There are three major interactions among organisms:  Competition  Predation  Symbiosis

3 Predation PPredation is an interaction in which one organism kills and eats another organism. TThe organism that does the killing is the predator. TThe organism that is killed is the prey. PPredation can have a major effect on the size of a population.

4 Competition CCompetition is the struggle between organisms to survive in a habitat with limited resources.

5 Symbiosis  Symbiosis is a close relationship between two species that benefits at least one of the species  There are three types of symbiotic relationships:  Mutualism  Commensalism  Parasitism

6 Mutualism mmutualism is an interaction between two or more species where both species derive benefit. AAnt-aphid mutualism: the aphids are protected from predators by the ants. The ants get the aphid secretion of honeydew as a reward.

7 Commensalism  Commensalism—is a relationship in which one species benefits and the other species is neither helped nor harmed.  The Remora fish (Echeneidea) is a long slender fish which has its dorsal fin modified as a sucker-like attachment organ. It attaches to the sides of larger fish and turtles using them as transport hosts but in addition, obtains food fragments dropped from the host.

8  An organism living on or inside another organism and harming it.  Head lice  Ticks  Fleas  Heart worm Parasitism

9 Tape Worm

10 Athlete’s foot

11 Ring worm

12 Parasitism  The organism that benefits is called a parasite.  The organisms that it lives on or in is called a host.

13 Thank you  For paying attention and taking notes.  This concludes the slide show.

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