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For STAAR Testing *Not Formal Writing

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1 For STAAR Testing *Not Formal Writing
Expository Writing For STAAR Testing *Not Formal Writing

2 Expository Writing What is the purpose of Expository Writing: Informing an audience about something, to give information. Examples: Recipe, assembling things.

3 Think About Your Purpose and Audience
Purpose: What are you going to explain how to do? Why did you choose this topic? Audience: Who will be reading your paper or listening to your presentation?

4 Brainstorm What materials are needed to do this activity?
What are the steps for doing this activity? Use a graphic organizer to list your steps. Be specific!

5 Organization of Expository Writing
Introduction paragraph (2-3 Sentences) Includes Thesis Two paragraphs make up the body of the essay which contains two main ideas with details. Conclusion paragraph (2-3 Sentences)

6 Conclusion Introduction (Includes Thesis Statement) Expository Pillar
Body Main Idea # Main Idea #2 Detail Detail Conclusion

7 Write a Draft Begin with an attention-grabbing introduction.
Write the instructions in a logical order, one step at a time. Use transition words such as first, next, then, when, after, and finally to indicate order of steps. Be sure to include all the steps, and explain each one clearly so the reader or listener will be able to picture it. Remember to end with a short, BUT interesting conclusion.

8 Tone of Expository Writing
It is straight forward and the author works hard to present information in an organized, sequential fashion. Different types of Exposition Writing Informational Essay How to piece Compare/Contrast Piece Response to Literature

9 Revise and Edit Reread your draft.
As you read, imagine you don’t know how to do your activity or are unaware of the topic you are writing about. Proofread for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and vivid word choice before you publish. Use Complex Sentences

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