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History of Environmental Movement in the U.S.

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1 History of Environmental Movement in the U.S.

2 The first people of North America (25K years ago)
Native American peoples mostly hunters/gatherers little mass agriculture kept population in check culture had great respect for nature

3 Exploitation Years (1620-1900)
First colonists brought with them 3 symbolic items: axe plow gun Manifest Destiny: westward expansion, resource exploitation was God’s will.

4 Exploitation Years Myth of superabundance Examples:
wildlife resources- buffalo forests- Wisconsin prairies- Cattle Barons, Sod Busters


6 Early Leaders in Conservation
Henry David Thoreau- Walden Pond, called for “preservation” of environment George Perkins Marsh- Man and Nature, called for “conservation” of environment. John Wesley Powell- Grand Canyon Creation of Yellowstone Park (1872)

7 Conservation Years 1900-WWII

8 Early Leaders in Conservation
John Muir- president of Sierra Club. 1st private conservation organization. Gifford Pinchot- 1st chief forester. Brought scientific forestry to practice. Teddy Roosevelt ( )- avid outdoorsman, hunter, 1st president to call for conservation of the environment.

9 FDR, The “New Deal”, and Conservation Initiatives
Tennessee Valley Autority (TVA)- dams and other power services Soil Conservation Service Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)- many conservation projects, put thousands of unemployed men to work Eastern National Forests Created




13 The Environmental Era (1950-present)

14 Aldo Leopold Park Service employee
Professor of Forestry at UW- Madison Wrote “A Sand County Almanac” Developed an “Environmental Ethic” “We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”


16 The 1960’s Racism and Civil Rights Santa Barbara Oil Spill
Cuyahoga River burns for 3 days Space flight, our 1st pictures of a finite Earth

17 Significant Environmental Legislation
Wilderness Act (1964)- permanent preservation of designated wild lands Wild and Scenic Rivers Act (1968) National Environmental Policy Act (1969)- created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) The Clean Air Act (1970)- greatly expanded protection of air

18 Significant Environmental Legislation
The Clean Water Act (1972)- protection of all surface water in US Endangered Species Act (1973)- identify and protect endangered species Superfund (1980)- established rules for disposal of hazardous waste, punishment for illegal dumping

19 Permanent Protection for the Environment
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) handouts

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