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The GED Essay Sheila R. McCurley.

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1 The GED Essay Sheila R. McCurley

2 The Three Parts of an Essay
An essay has three basic parts. The parts are introduction, body, and conclusion. The parts follow an order, and each has a specific purpose.

3 Introduction A good introductory paragraph does several things.
The introduction consists of one paragraph. The introduction states the topic of the essay. The introduction tells your reader what your main idea is. The introduction gives your reader a preview of your essay. The introduction provides your reader with background information.

4 Body For the body of the essay you develop ideas by giving details and examples. The body consists of three paragraphs. The body develops the topic. The body supports the main idea stated in the introduction.

5 Conclusion The conclusion paragraph looks back at the ideas in your essay. It restates the topic and reviews your ideas. The conclusion consists of one paragraph. The conclusion sums up and reviews information in the body.

6 Writing Your Essay Focus on developing a five-paragraph essay.
Write your introductory paragraph. Develop and write your three body paragraphs. Write your concluding paragraph.

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