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The 5-Paragraph Essay.

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1 The 5-Paragraph Essay

2 Body Paragraphs - The body of an essay:
explains, or proves, your thesis statement. contains 3 paragraphs

3 Each BODY paragraph must have:
A topic sentence that begins with a transition. Details that support the topic (4 per paragraph) *Remember each detail has to relate to the topic sentence! Contains 5-7 complete sentences (no run-ons or fragments)

4 Sample BODY paragraph with transitions…
The first thing I like about Bedford High School is the teachers. To begin, the teachers are extremely nice and friendly to the students. They are also very intelligent and knowledgeable about the subjects they teach. In addition, all of the teachers have a good sense of humor. Finally, they treat their students fairly.

5 CONCLUSION Paragraph Last paragraph of the essay that sums up everything that was stated. Restate the thesis statement in the first sentence of the conclusion (don’t forget to use a transition!) Sum up each body paragraph in a sentence. Must contain 4-5 sentences. End the essay with something clever or something positive. This keeps the reader thinking about the topic.

6 Sample Conclusion Paragraph
In conclusion, the teachers, the classes, and the activities makes Bedford High School a fun school to attend. First, the teachers are very nice. Next, the classes are challenging and interesting. In addition, Bedford High School offers a variety of school activities. I think Bedford High School is the best high school around!

7 INTRODUCTION paragraph
First paragraph of the essay that introduces the topic. Begins with a universal statement (a general statement) and ends with the thesis statement (a specific statement). May provide background information Must contains 4-5 sentences.

8 Sample INTRODUCTION paragraph:
Everyone has to go to school. Many would agree that attending school is much more interesting if the school is fun. I go to Bedford High School, and I really enjoy it. The things I like about Bedford High School are the teachers, the classes, and the activities.

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