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Building Plans.

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1 Building Plans

2 How do you know what to build?
All construction begins with plans: Floor Plan Elevation Plan Plot Plan Cross Section

3 What is a Plot Plan? Shows where the house will be constructed on the property. Can also show other important features.


5 What is a Floor Plan Shows the layout of the house from above
Floor plans can show: Rooms & sizes Doors & Windows Stairwells Electrical Plumbing Mechanical


7 What is an Elevation Plan
 In architecture, an elevation is the North, South, East or West view of a building.

8 Elevations

9 What is a Cross Section Also simply called a section, represents a vertical plane cut through the object.

10 Shows how the building is to be constructed
Size & type of Materials: Walls Roofing Insulation Siding Foundation Flooring

11 The End

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