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Objective: Develop plans for kitchen cabinets.

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1 Objective: 306.03 Develop plans for kitchen cabinets.
Competency: Design and draw interior elevations for kitchens and baths Objective: Develop plans for kitchen cabinets.

2 Kitchen Cabinet Drawings
Large-scale plans Partial Floor Plan Typical section drawing Elevations

3 Kitchen Cabinet Drawings
Kitchen Floor Plan Layouts Based on manufactured cabinet sizes Greater detail than Floor Plan Interior elevation identifiers Page references for large-scale drawings Modular cabinet components and dimensions

4 Kitchen Cabinet Drawings Drawing Elements
Detail (Section) drawing explain cabinet construction Floor line Ceiling line Soffit/Fascia layout Electrical/Mechanical systems layout Counter tops Shelves Back splash Toe space Construction elements

5 Kitchen Cabinet Drawings Dimensions and Annotations
Base cabinet heights Wall cabinet heights Distance between countertop and wall cabinets Back splash height Counter top thickness Overall floor to ceiling height Wall & base cabinet depths Soffit/fascia depth Toe space depth & height

6 Kitchen Cabinet Drawings Interior Elevation Drawings
Drawing elements Sectional drawing of adjacent cabinets Front view of base & upper cabinets Front view of appliances Soffit/Fascia Walls Floor and ceiling lines Optional elements Hardware Interior shelves Window/door features Electrical /Mechanical systems

7 Kitchen Cabinet Drawings Interior Elevations
Dimensions & Annotations Base unit widths Wall unit widths Overall width of cabinets Overall width of room Vertical distances Materials & Finishes Walls Ceilings Counter tops Back splashes Cabinets Drawings identified with descriptive titles and drawing scale

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