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Ms.Fatima Saleem DA Public School O n A Levels Social Studies, Grade 2.

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1 Ms.Fatima Saleem DA Public School O n A Levels Social Studies, Grade 2

2  Adopt 21 st century teaching approaches to enhance students’ appreciation of Social Studies.

3  After the lesson students will be able to understand:  The 3 R’s (Reduce, reuse and recycle)  Importance of recycling. How changes in waste habits will have a positive impact on our environment.  They will be able to turn their old garbage into new products and will learn to organize their trash by placing each recyclable in its own special bin.  The process of recycling paper.


5  The 3 R’s. (reduce, reuse and recycle)  Advantages of recycling.  List of the items that can be recycled.  Things used in recycling paper.  Cut out “Recycling pictures” from a magazine. Make a display or a collage.

6  Students will be able to :  To distinguish between the 3 terms.  To separate trash and recyclables.  To make useful things.  Recycle paper at home.

7  The students will create a sign, flyer or a poster to tell others about recycling.  Show and tell activity and recycling songs.  Make a diary about recycling (5 days).what sort of work did they do to save the environment and list of recycled items.  They will try to recycle paper at home.

8  Having role plays and presentations.

9  The learner creates new ideas and information using what has been previously learned.  They will be able to invent their own ideas to recycle tin cans, newspapers, glass bottles and plastic and paper.


11  Topic : Let’s Recycle  21 st Century approach  Techniques /Modes  Observing and monitoring skills  Allowing students to brainstorm ways they are going to do things differently and come up with one goal to work on (i.e have a recycle bin next to the garbage bin in the classroom)  The students will be in charge of creating a sign, poster or a flyer to tell others about recycling.  Giving Direction Skills  Using board to gather ideas, visual aids, activities and examples.  Questioning Skills  Having students reflect over the knowledge they have gained and ask them questions to get them think critically.  Encouraging Skills  Show and tell activity, role play, presentations and songs on recycling.  Intervening Skills  Moving around the class. Modeling critical and creative thinking throughout the unit.

12  Define environment? (known)  How can we save our planet? (known)  What are the 3 R’s of environment? (unknown)  Define recycling ? (unknown)

13  What will happen if we don’t recycle?  What are the advantages of recycling and how it has a positive impact on our environment?  Name some recyclables?

14  Draw or paste pictures of recyclables.  Recycle paper at home with the help of your mother following the instructions given in the book.

15 Project based learning is a student centered, instructional model. Project based approaches engage students in deeper content area, knowledge and develop 21 st century skills. Such as  Collaboration  Problem solving  Critical thinking.

16  Internet  Intel teach program Getting Started Course manual  Word processing and multimedia


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