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Ms.Huma Saleem D.A public school( O & A Levels) Islamiat Grade 2.

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1 Ms.Huma Saleem D.A public school( O & A Levels) Islamiat Grade 2

2  Change my questioning strategies with students to promote critical thinking.  Focus on encouraging students instead of praising.  Focus on the process students use to comprehend concepts.  Encourage collaboration among students  Help students understand that they can use each other as resources.

3  Challenges  The principal may not agree with my new approach.  Parents may not comprehend my method.  I do not own a computer  There may be some students who do not want to work together as a result of individual differences.  Solutions  I will share my course outline and booklet with my principal.  I will use my new processing skills to create a news letter for the parents to understand my method.  I will use computer in off timings of school so I can produce my invented strategies.  I will encourage students to cooperate with all the class members.

4 September: I will focus on questioning skills. November: I will focus encouragement rather than praise. January: I will work on making groups. March: I will successfully adopt 21 st century skills in my class room.

5  Adopt 21 st century teaching approaches to enhance students’ appreciation and understanding of Islamic concepts

6  I will provide more opportunities for students to answer questions that require high-order thinking.  I will give students time for group discussion.  I will ask questions from students that require to explain how students came to this point.  I will allow students to get together in randomly assigned groups to discuss about Islamic concepts and theories.

7  Resources:  Other teachers who teach same grade and subject.  Internet  Word processing,multimedia and spreadsheet application.  Program Getting Started Course manual.

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