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Poison Dart Frog Nicole Thompson.

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1 Poison Dart Frog Nicole Thompson

2 there are five different groups of animals with vertebrates.
Mammals Fish Reptiles Birds Amphibians

3 MOST AMPHIBIANS HAVE CERTAIN CHARACTERISTICS THAT MAKE THEM AN AMPHIBIAN. HERE ARE SOME OF THE ATTRIBUTES. They are cold-blooded. Their blood is cold. Amphibians have moist smooth skin without scales. They lay eggs in water or under dry ground. Amphibians start their lives breathing through gills, but as an adult they use lungs for breathing. They begin their life cycle in the water and then later move to land.

4 The poison dart frog is an amphibian.
Poison dart frogs are small brightly colored rainforest frogs that have extremely poisonous skin. Their skin protects them because other predators would get poisoned if they tried to eat them.

5 Poison dart frogs They have glands in the skin that produce strong toxins. Their poison has been used by some South American Indians for applying to the tips of their hunting arrows and blow gun darts.

6 The Poison Dart Frog has adapted to his environment.
Most of them are very tiny. Some of them are only 1 ½ centimeters long. They can hide under leaves for protection. They come in all different colors so they blend into the beautiful flowers of the rainforest. Most predators know that the bright color is a warning that they are poisonous. Poison Dart frogs eat insects and other small bugs. They catch them with their long sticky tongue. They eat ants, termites, flies, small beetles, and spiders.

7 A Poison dart frog’s habitat
Poison Dart Frogs can be found in Central America and South America. They live in tropical rainforests because it is moist and warm. They need to live close to water and this area is perfect. They lay their eggs in moist places under leaves. After the tadpoles hatch from the eggs, the mom gives them a piggy-back ride to the water. The tadpoles finish growing in the water. When they are an adult they move back to the trees.

8 The poison dart frogs skin is poisonous
The poison dart frogs skin is poisonous. They look cute but they are deadly, so don’t get near one.

9 Poison dart frogs behavior and Diet.
Behaviors Frogs croak a lot at dusk and dawn. The Poison Dart Frog is not like most frogs. They are diurnal which means they are awake during the day. Some frogs are friendly and some are not. But never get near a poison dart frog.

10 Colors Scientists frog facts
Scientists have found that they can make medicine out of the poison from Poison Dart Frogs. The medicine is a painkiller. The Poison Dart Frog’s poison is like a silky thing on their body that keeps them safe. There are over 250 different kinds of Poison Dart Frogs. Here are some of the colors: Bright neon yellow Tan Green and yellow Orange Purple Dark Purple - Blue Red

11 A poison dart frogs life
Communication Diets for Pet Poison Dart Frogs They’re almost the same as a human and all animals because they must eat and drink. This frog will not eat anything that does not move. If you have a Poison Dart Frog as a pet, you’ll need to buy very small crickets. They have lots of ways to communicate like croaking and staring at something.

12 Thank you Thanks for reading my power point.
I hope you learned more about Amphibians. Remember not to touch a Poison Dart Frog. Enjoy! Reference:

13 Poison Dart Frog by Nicole Thompson

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