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William Howard Taft Our 27th President 1857-1930.

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1 William Howard Taft Our 27th President

2 William is the 27th President of the U. S. A
William is the 27th President of the U.S.A. He became president at age 51. He served 1 term (4 years) and failed re-election. He is a republican and his occupation is a Lawyer, Writer, and professor. He married Nellie Herron Taft and had 3 children: Helen, Charles, and Robert. His Dad Alphonso and Mother Louise had 4 children William, Fanny, Henry, and Horace. When William was little his classmates made fun of him because of his size. They called him “Lubber.” Despite that awful teasing Taft had many friends. William’s Signature

3 Mr. Taft where are you from?
William is from Cincinnati, Ohio. He was born on September 15th, 1857. Taft was 73 years old when he died in 1930. If he was alive now, he would be 150! He died because of a heart disease Poor William!

4 Where did you get your education?
Woodward High school is where William attended when he was 15. Taft went to Yale University when he was 17 years old! He also studied law at the Cincinnati Law School.

5 Did you like being President of the U.S.A?
William didn’t always want to be in charge of the United States. His wife Nellie Herron Taft, encouraged him to become president. William was happy before and after he was president (just not during). He didn’t always want to be president though. But, William started the tradition of the president throwing out the 1st ball to open the Major League Baseball season.

6 What did you do for the Philippines?
In 1898, the Philippine Islands became a U.S. territory. Mr. Taft was asked to go there and establish order and form a government. The next year, William became the first civil governor of the Philippines. He built roads, harbors, and schools. He improved there land reforms and economy. The Philippines are now self governing because of William, they never wanted him to leave their country.

7 Historic Events during Taft’s presidency
Ford Motor Company produces the first Model T Robert Peary reaches the North Pole Roald Amundsem reaches the South Pole Boy scouts of America formed Titanic sinks

8 What kind of jobs did you have?
William had a couple jobs. He was a… Chief Justice of Supreme Court Secretary of War Assistant of Prosecuting Attorney A collector at Internal Renevue A govenor A PRESIDENT

9 4 Funny Facts Taft was the last president to keep a cow on the White house lawn. The cow was called Pauline and provided the milk and cheese served in the house. After William’s wife took a visit to Japan, the mayor of Tokyo sent her 3,000 cherry trees! She planted the 1st one by herself. They are quite an attraction in Washington D.C. William weighed over 300 pounds! He had to have a personal bath tub built for him because he was so LARGE! Taft was the first president to also have a fleet of automobiles!

10 Pictures

11 AND Want to know MORE!?
Do you want to know even MORE about William Howard Taft? You can go to the following sites: AND

12 CREDITS Julianne Ortmann…………………Power Point Presenter
William Howard Taft…………………The man this Power Point is on Mrs. Schneider…………………She made this project possible Mrs. Milhan…………………Teaching us how to work a Power Point Microsoft………………… For making Power Point

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