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Movement, receiving, passing & space SSG

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1 Movement, receiving, passing & space SSG
The only player allowed in the 10 x 10 grid is the neutral player. To score a goal a team must pass into the neutral player and then the neutral player (who is limited to two touch) must find a player on the attacking team who scores by passing through either of their goals they are attacking. If the other team wins the ball, they also must play through the neutral player to score. The team that scores gets the ball again. Setup a 40 x 40 grid with a 10 x 10 area in the middle. There is a 4 yard wide goal in each corner. This is a 6 v 6 game (the numbers can vary) with a neutral player in the middle. Each team is assigned 2 goals opposite of each other (in the diagram below the yellow team defends goals 1 and 3 and the black team defends goals 2 and 4) To make this game even more difficult replace the neutral player with a player from each team. This means there is a player from each team in the neutral area and the ball still must go through them. It’s more difficult because now the central player has a defender. If you make this change, you might want to get rid of the two touch limitation. If the transition to two players in the middle is too difficult you can add a neutral player into the middle as well. This means it will always be 2 v 1 in the middle so while it’s more difficult than just a neutral player, it’s not as difficult as the 1 v 1. The neutral player would always be on the attacking side.

2 Movement receiving and possession warm-up
5v5, 6v6 in a small area (all but one player in one half with the ball) play 5 passes then pass to player in other half and all the players now go and play in that half. If possession is lost then start 5 passes in same half with other team 2 bounce players from each side, if passed to they swap with passing player

3 Fried Eggs -Passing Skill
7v4, 4 defenders, half of a team, swap defenders after 1.5 minutes Play for 3 minutes see how many points are scored swap teams. To score the players on the outside must pass the ball through the central area to the player in the centre. The players in the middle circle must close space and pressure yellows to prevent this happening. Attackers concentrate on opening up the space by passing the ball to each other and then waiting for the opportunity to fizz the ball across the central circle to the centre. Defenders must learn to position themselves to close down space cut out the central pass 1 point Ball 3 points


5 Movement receiving, passing & dribbling
(Check run Body shape) Receive – Pass (2 touch) Dribble Run 4 midfielders in centre drop away to cone and back to receive and give a 1-2 to outside players dribbling. Swap 4 central players. Switch direction of dribbling. Progress to Two touch for players in centre.

6 Passing COLOURS How to play: Split your players into three groups and give them different coloured training vests (or head bands). For example, red, blue and green. Create a appropriate sized playing area. The younger or less experienced your players, the bigger the playing area should be. Players pass in colour sequence: Blue passes only to red, red only to green, green only to blue (Can introduce a defender in yellow at a later stage). Progressions: Limit players to three, two or even one-touch. The ball must not stop moving. Coaching note: Make the game competitive by awarding a point each time the team completes a round of colours. The first team to five are the winners of the game.

7 Movement receiving SSG with shooting
Based on numbers at least a 2v2 (Can be more, so all players involved) with a server and a goalkeeper for each team. Players practice “show to go” and “go to show” movements to score a goal

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