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Preparation for Team Play

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1 Preparation for Team Play
Principles of Play. Refresher from Practical demostration by: Coach Brian Eastick – England National U21 Design /Written by Jonathan Ezeonwurie.

2 Principles of Play Basic concepts and ideas that are fundamental to effective football and successful team play. ( Style of Play ) Principles of play are the same in any formation system of play 4-4-2, or 4231 etc. Understanding the principles of play is the foundation for teaching the game. If the players understand the principles of play & combined with good technique they will be able to play any system and style as determined by the coach/club comfortably.

3 What we should focus on To create a team that can play effectively as unit and attack from the wings, we should focus on creating good offensive players on the wings and midfield players that could be able to identify a run on the wings, and then make a quality pass to the either side of the wings for 1v1 or 2v1 situation against a defender. Crosses from the winger must be accurate and quality , depending on situation around the final 3rd of the opposition, the winger can identify the type of cross to use, by looking up and see the way his teammates make runs inside the 16 yard, a high cross or 45 degree ground cross could be a great choice.

4 Coaching Points Speed in transition to counter attacks, if possession is won by the midfield players. Good movement to loose opponets and be able to receive a ball. Timing of run across the other zone Encourage wing-back players to make a run forward into the space on the opposite half when team is in possession of ball in attacking phase. Unbalance the defender and try to go past him quickly. Eyes up to find the next pass for a cross. Minimal touches, shoot 1st time if possible when a player get into the opponets goal area.

5 The Key Elements. Offensive style:
All teams will be encouraged to display an offensive style of play based on keeping possession and quick movement of the ball. Quick transitions and finishing: Speed of play, avoiding over-dribbling, looking for an organized and quick movement of the ball and finishing. Position specific: A team must be organized defensively, keeping their specific positions in the formation. However, players will look for spaces and movements to support forward when attacking by moving away from their original positions to more offensive position.

6 Main 3 Principles for Team Play
The Players The Team Coaching

7 Coaching Possession games are excellent means to improve both the technique and tactical understanding of players. 2. High-intensity sessions based on speed and agility. Could be Short but intense working-periods. NB: Regardless of system/style of play, the principles will always remain the same. Successful player at all levels determined by one factor -Technique “No technique, no Tactic”

8 The Players 1. 1, 2 or 3 touch maximum:
Minimizing the number of touches improves the speed of play. 2. Keep the game simple: Do not force situations, over-dribble or be careless with the ball. 3. Keep the ball on the ground: A ball on the ground is easier to control and can be moved more efficiently by the team. 4. Accuracy and quality of the pass: Passing must be firm and accurate,with the proper weight. 5. First touch: Make a clean, controlled first touch without stopping the ball. Take the touch away from pressure and into free space.

9 Contine on.. The Players. 6. Perception and awareness:
All players with or without the ball should constantly scan the field. 7. 1v1 situations: Encourage determination to regain control of the ball in defense and keep it simple in attack by taking a touch to the side, at speed, to beat the defender. 8. Individual transition: Players must react quickly when possession change from offense to defense and vice-versa. 9. Take risks: Football is an error prone sport and mistakes are part of the game and learning process. Players are encouraged to take risks in training session to increase the speed of play, this will help perfect their skill ability during game situations

10 The Team 1. All players attack and all players defend:
All players must be involved in the game as a unit. 2. Numerical advantage: Football is a game of numbers where we try to create a numerical advantage in attack and avoid being in a numerical disadvantage in defense. 3. Movement of the ball: The ball should flow from inside (of the space) to outside and outside to inside. Balls out wide are more secure and the ball in the middle increases the options of play. 4. Triangle principle and passing options: The player in possession of the ball must receive constant support and have at least two passing options.

11 Continue.. The Team 5. Speed of play:
Quick movement of the ball to creates 2v1 situations. 6. Movement off the ball: Find the best available space to create passing options for the player in possession of the ball. 7. Pressure as a unit: Organized pressure forces the opponents to commit errors. 8. Quick Transition: Improve transition by reducing the number of passes needed to arrive at the target area or the opponent’s goal. 9. Direction of the game: The game flows in two directions. Keep the essence of the game in the majority of trainings. 10. Take initiative during the game: Team breakdowns will occur. The team must be capable of adapting to new situations and imposing its own style of play during the game.

12 Training session examples: Switching play & Quick combinations

13 Progression session

14 Full back Overlapping run in switch play

15 Objective Setup: Coaching Points:
To develop switching play and quick combinations. Setup: Use 2 third of a pitch, 7 players practice the passing sequence 6 Players are positioned on the cones as shown, with the seventh positioned next to the middle mannequin. The players play the passes as shown on one side with the sequence ending with the overlapping fullback. Alternate the side the combination is played, change players roles often. Coaching Points: 1. The Passing needs to be highly accurate and well timed with the correct angles used. 2. Players should check away from cones or mannequin to create space. 3. The speed of play needs to be high to switch play effectively, so the use of one touch when possible can be key. 4. The full back’s run from deep needs to be well timed to meet the final pass at pace. 5. Encourage the players to be inventive,using a different combination each time 6. The quality of movement is key and should be monitor correct body shape, timing of runs and the angle/ direction of pass. 7. Add defenders, once the players are comfortable with the practice to make it like a game situation.

16 Defensive Midfield Passing options

17 Pressing Near the Sideline

18 Finishing at goal

19 RM Principles of play Wing/counter attacks
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20 Tusen Takk!     Thank you !

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