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Cytoplasm Jellylike substance Constantly moving in the cell.

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1 cytoplasm Jellylike substance Constantly moving in the cell

2 Nuclear membrane Surrounds th nucleus Has poes
Similar to the cell membrane

3 mitochondria Where food and molecules are broken down and energy is release Powerhouse of the cell Supply the energy Where simple sugars are broken down

4 organelles Different parts of the cell
Each part has a specific function

5 cell wall Found only in plants Rigid structure; boundary of the cell
Supports and protects the plant cell Made of cellulose (non-living material) Allows food, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide and dissolved materials to pass through

6 choroplast Green; contains chlorophyll
Where plants make their own food (photosynthesis) Found only in plants

7 chromatin Found in nucleus Directs all activities in the cell
Hereditary material made of protein and DNA Passes traits to make new cells

8 lysosomes “clean up crew”
Digests old cell parts to be used again to build new cell parts Found only in animal cells “recycling center”

9 Vacuoles and vesicles Storage tanks Large, round, water-filled sacs
Stores food; water; waste products Vesicles are smaller than vacuoles

10 Cell membrane Structure allows only certain materials to enter into and out of cell Forms outer boundary of cell Flexible How food and oxygen enter the cell Waste products leave

11 nucleus Surrounded by the nuclear membrane Directs all cell activity
Largest structure (organelle) in the cell Control/command center

12 Endoplasmic reticulum
Folded membrane Moves materials around in the cell Transportation system Carries proteins from one part to another

13 ribosomes Grainlike attached to the ER Where protein is made (RNA)
Produced in the nucleolus

14 Golgi Body Packages materials to move outside the cell Coiled (spring)

15 Nucleolus “little nucleus” Found inside the nucleus
Where ribosomes are produced

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