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Looking Inside Cells.

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1 Looking Inside Cells

2 Cell Wall Description: strong, stiff layer outside of the cell membrane Function: protects and supports the cell Only in plant cells

3 Cell Membrane Description: elastic and flexible layer that surrounds the cell – has small openings called pores Function: controls what goes in and out of the cell - “doorway of the cell” Found in both

4 Nucleus Description: circle or oval - surrounded by the nuclear membrane Function:“The Control Center” or “brain” of the cell that holds the DNA and directs all of the cell’s activities Found in both

5 chromosomes Description: shaped like an “X” - found in the nucleus- made of DNA Function: passes on traits to the new cell Found in both

6 Nuclear Membrane Description: layer that surrounds the nucleus and has pores Function: controls what goes in and out of the nucleus – “doorway of the nucleus” Found in both

7 Nucleolus Description: small, round object in the nucleus
Function: where ribosomes are made Found in both

8 Cytoplasm Description: clear, thick, gel-like fluid
Function: holds the organelles in place Found in both

9 Mitochondria Description: rod or oval shaped with a folded line inside Function: “The Powerhouse” – it produces the energy the cell needs Found in both

10 Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
Description: clear tubes that make a maze of passageways Function: carry materials from one place to another -the “transportation system” Found in both

11 Ribosomes Description: small circles – attached to the ER or floating in the cytoplasm Function: makes proteins – “factory” Found in both

12 Golgi Bodies Description: stack of pancakes – flattened tubes
Function: receives, packages, and sends out materials -acts like a “post office” Found in both

13 Chloroplasts Description: green ovals (they are green because of chlorophyll) Function: traps energy from the sun to produce food for the plant cell Only in plants

14 Vacuoles Description: small and round in animal cells and one large oval (foot) in plant cells Function: stores water, food , and wastes - the “storage area” Found in both (but they are different size and shape)

15 Lysosomes Description: small and round
Function: to break down food and destroy old cells - “Clean-up Crew” – garbage disposal Found in animal cells and rare in plant cells

16 Animal Cell Cytoplasm Nucleolus Ribosomes Nucleus Cell Membrane
Mitochondria Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum Golgi Bodies

17 Plant Cell Cytoplasm Vacuole Smooth ER Ribosomes Chloroplasts
Cell Membrane Cell Wall Nucleolus Golgi Bodies Nucleus Mitochondria Rough ER

18 A tiny structure that has a specific function in the cell
What is an organelle? A tiny structure that has a specific function in the cell

19 What organelles are found in the cytoplasm?
Mitochondria ER Ribosomes Golgi bodies Chloroplasts Vacuoles lysosomes

20 Now let’s talk about structures only found in PLANT Cells!!
Answer: cell wall and chloroplasts


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