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Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) 2010 RESULTS.

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1 Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) 2010 RESULTS

2 MCAS is one indicator of Westwoods core value of scholarship and continuous improvement.

3 MCAS District Analysis Focus on program strengths and weaknesses Key outcomes are recommendations that: better align Westwoods programs to the tested state standards, and better prepare students to do well on the tests.

4 Building Level Analysis Expand focus to specific groups in the school and to individual students

5 Points of Pride Westwood students do very well on MCAS tests Test results inform curriculum changes Test results are used to meet student needs

6 Points of Pride (continued) More than 90% of: Westwood High School students scored in the advanced and proficient ranges on each of the three tests: 94% in ELA, 93% in mathematics, 92% in science. Thurston Middle School 6 th, 7 th, and 8 th grade students scored in the advanced and proficient ranges in ELA.

7 Points of Pride (continued) Significant increase in advanced math scores for grades three and five Comparable Community Rankings: Math Grades 3 & 4: 2 nd Grade 5: 3 rd Grade 6: 4 th English Language Arts Grades 3 & 4: 1 st Grade 5 & 6: 2 nd Grade 7: 3 rd

8 Areas of Need and Action Plans

9 Need: Grade 4 Mathematics 21% of fourth graders scored in the needs improvement range

10 Grade 4 Math Action Plan: Individual assessments for students who scored in the needs improvement range In-school interventions aligned to students demonstrated needs Special educators part of analysis and intervention teams Professional development focused on upper elementary math skills

11 Need: Elementary & Middle School Math Special Education subgroups failed to make adequate yearly progress (AYP) at Downey, Sheehan and Thurston Middle School.

12 Elementary & Middle School Mathematics Action Plan: Targeted instructional interventions for small groups In-school interventions with focused modules of instruction Professional development for classroom teachers and special educators Small group and individual interventions for students in the subgroups that did not meet AYP

13 Need: High School Science To move more students from (57%) proficient to advanced

14 High School Science Action Plan: Model, analyze and critique answers to open- response questions Include open-response questions from prior administrations on class assessments

15 On the Horizon Math and ELA Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Plus the MA additions 2011 MCAS tests based on current state standards 2012 MCAS transition from current tests to new tests based on Common Core State Standards

16 Grade 3 WestwoodWinchesterLexingtonWellesleyNeedhamBedfordMedfieldWayland Grade 4 WestwoodLexingtonWinchesterWaylandMedfieldWellesleyNeedhamBedford Grade 5 WinchesterWestwoodLexingtonWellesleyNeedhamWaylandMedfieldBedford Grade 6 WinchesterWestwoodWellesleyNeedhamLexingtonWaylandMedfieldBedford Grade 7 WinchesterWellesleyWaylandWestwoodLexingtonNeedhamMedfieldBedford Grade 8 LexingtonWellesleyWaylandWinchesterNeedhamMedfieldWestwoodBedford Grade 10 WinchesterWellesleyMedfieldLexingtonWestwoodWaylandNeedhamBedford MCAS 2010 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS RESULTS Percentage of Students in the ADVANCED/PROFICIENT Category

17 Grade 3 LexingtonWestwoodWinchesterBedfordNeedhamWaylandMedfieldWellesley Grade 4 LexingtonWestwoodWinchesterNeedhamWellesleyBedfordWaylandMedfield Grade 5 LexingtonWinchesterWestwoodWellesleyNeedhamWaylandBedfordMedfield Grade 6 WaylandWinchesterLexingtonWestwoodWellesleyNeedhamMedfieldBedford Grade 7 LexingtonWinchesterNeedhamBedfordWaylandWellesleyMedfieldWestwood Grade 8 LexingtonNeedhamWinchesterWaylandMedfieldWellesleyBedfordWestwood Grade 10 MedfieldWaylandWellesleyWinchesterLexingtonWestwoodNeedhamBedford MCAS 2010 MATHEMATICS RESULTS Percentage of Students in the ADVANCED/PROFICIENT Category

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