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Budget Budget ARRA Update and Proposals December 8, 2009.

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2 Budget Budget ARRA Update and Proposals December 8, 2009

3 ARRA Update – Approved Proposals $23.9M Child Care and Development Block Grant 2 Of the $23.9M available through CCDF grant, $1.2M must be spent on quality improvements for infant and toddlers AND $1.9M of the $23.9M must be spent for quality improvements. This would be part of the Infant/Toddler quality $1.9M earmark. The $1.6M of the unexpended Summer Voucher program will be dedicated to a similar program in the summer of 2010. The $8.1M for the Aging-Up program will be reallocated to support an 18-month opening of access for infant/toddlers and preschoolers.

4 ARRA Update Per ARRA CCDF Regulations, funds must be obligated by September 30, 2010 and liquidated by the following September 2011; ANF, however, has requested that all agencies provide a plan on how they will obligate their ARRA funds by January, 2010; and Per ANF guidance, the following slides will illustrate how EEC proposes to spend the remainder ARRA funds. 3

5 ARRA Update – Proposed Projects 4 Todays Proposals are highlighted in yellow below; the projects highlighted in gray will be proposed at the January Board meeting.

6 ARRA – Timeline of Proposals 5

7 ARRA – Proposed Projects: Review To date, the board has approved $13.3M in ARRA spending; The proposals presented today will total $8.7M; The total balance of proposals (January) will be $2M; If all proposed programs are approved by the board and ANF, this will assign all ARRA funding; Overall, $20.6M of ARRA (86%) will be dedicated toward access and $3.2M (13.4%) will be used for quality purposes. $120K, or.05% of all ARRA funding is withheld by ANF for admin purposes. 6

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