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Budget and Caseload Update Policy and Fiscal Committee December 6, 2010.

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1 Budget and Caseload Update Policy and Fiscal Committee December 6, 2010

2 Table of Contents FY11 Caseload Overview FY11 Projected Deficit FY12 Budget in Process ARRA Spending 2

3 FY11 Caseload Overview After the September billing was processed last month, the DTA Related and Income Eligible accounts were reporting a significant decrease in caseload. October billing caseload spending has trended slightly upward. This has impacted the previously projected surplus of $1.14M in the Income Eligible and $232K in the DTA-Related accounts. Current projections, based on October billing, indicate the projected surplus from the prior month is now a deficiency in the DTA account and almost even in the IE account. A large surplus remains in Supportive. Reminder: Due to the economic climate, ANF has notified agencies that there are limited resources to address deficiencies through a supplemental budget in FY11; and agencies must take action to prevent deficiencies in their accounts. This may mean that EEC is expected to address a deficiency in the DTA account by transferring funds (under the 3% allowable language) from the Income Eligible account. 3

4 FY11 Caseload Overview – Solutions 1. We are closely monitoring caseload. We considered closing access to the Income Eligible account on January 15, 2010, but have opted to review data from one more month. 2. Request full transferability from the Supportive account to the Income Eligible and DTA-Related accounts. Currently, EEC is allowed to transfer money only to the Supportive account. With a $8M projected surplus, Supportive money would eliminate any deficiency currently projected. 3. If solutions 1 and 2 are ultimately insufficient to fully remediate the projected deficiency, EEC may have to close access. 4

5 FY11 Caseload Overview - Summary 5

6 6 Fiscal Year 2011 Supportive Care (3000-3050)

7 7 Fiscal Year 2010 DTA Related (3000-4050) Previous month projected a $233.7K surplus.

8 8 Fiscal Year 2010 Income Eligible (3000-4060) PAC was adopted by the legislature, which increased the appropriation from $228.5 million to $233.5 million.


10 10

11 FY11 Caseload: Waitlist 11 * As of November 30, 2010

12 FY12 Budget in Process Board Approved Budget 12

13 FY12 Budget in Process – Guiding Principles 1. Building Quality Infrastructure in Admin Account Director of Community Partnership and Outreach Two (2) Fiscal Monitors 2. Support QRIS Activities 3. Return Mental Health (3000-6075) to FY10 Funding Level 13

14 ARRA Spending Update A chart with expenditure figures updated as of close of business on Friday, December 3, will be made available during the meeting. 14

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