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I. Expansion Under _______ _____.

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1 I. Expansion Under _______ _____.
By: Place your name here Use the Umayyad Expansion Outline and the maps provided to fill in the blanks and answer the questions within this “skeleton” power point presentation. Answer questions in complete sentences . Remember to save to the H//: drive periodically when you are working. Delete this message/text box after you have read it and begin!

2 I. Expansion Under Umayyad Rule
Who were the Umayyads? (B) Where did the Umayyads conquer? (A) Click on the insert clipart icon to the right. Add a picture of Saudi Arabia.


4 Umayyad Expansion Map Compare and contrast the Islam Expansion Map (look under Umayyad Expansion ) to the Northern Africa and Middle East political map. List 5 modern day countries the Umayyad military conquered.

5 II. An Empire of Many Peoples
A. As the military conquered new people who was allowed to keep their religion? Given what you know about the Torah, Qu’ran and the Bible, why do you think they tolerated their religions? (use clip art to place 2 religious symbols above)

6 II. An Empire of Many Peoples
B. How did the Umayyad caliphs (means successor or, rulers) rule the provinces? (use clip art for a picture to the right..”Islam” works great)

7 III. Umayyad Unity B. How did the Umayyads unify their culture?
Think about it. How would the same language unify a group of people? (place a picture of “arabic” writing and a mosque to right)

8 Mosques of the World COPY AND PAST THE BOTTOM LINK INTO THE WEB. Copy and paste 3 mosques of the world into your presentation.

9 IV. Umayyad Down fall A. What were the Umayyad’s accused of? (use “Islam” to place more clip art to the right. B. Which group rebelled against the Umayyads?

10 Print your thumbnail presentations
Go to “File” and select “Print” Go to “print what:” Select “handout” Preview it. It should be 2 pages only. Print it.

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