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Creating a brochure with MS Publisher K Enniss 2/2003.

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1 Creating a brochure with MS Publisher K Enniss 2/2003

2 Open Publisher from your desktop, click on brochure and then ok

3 Answer the PageWizard questions by making a choice and clicking next

4 Save your work NOW using file - save as - and save either to a floppy disk or the share drive. If you use the share drive, be sure to select your teachers folder.

5 At the bottom of the screen, note the page and zoom features.

6 The basic building blocks in Publisher are text boxes and pictures. Note the handles on this text box. This shows that the box is selected, and you can edit it. Click outside the box to unselect it.

7 Clicking and dragging on the corner boxes allows you to resize. Clicking and dragging on the middle allows you to move the box. Hitting the delete key will remove the box. Watch your mouse pointer for clues.

8 Using the brochure template gives you a ready-to-use layout of text and picture boxes. You can edit as you like by re- sizing, adding, or deleting boxes. Note the text and picture icons to the left, which let you add boxes to the page.

9 Choose a box, click to select (highlight) text and begin typing. The old text will disappear and your words will appear. Or, choose insert- picture from the top menu to insert new art.

10 Use insert - clip art (or picture file) to insert new art. Be sure to delete the old art from the template too. Select an image from the clip gallery and click insert

11 For more picture choices, click on the globe icon at the bottom right in the Clip Gallery - youll go to Microsofts web clip gallery.

12 For detailed instructions on using Microsoft clipgallery online, click on this hyperlink:

13 When you have finished and proofed your brochure, ask for help in printing. You will need to print one side, replace that page in the printer, and print the second side. All printing goes to the circ desk printer, so you dont want anyone else to send a print while youre printing. ASK when you have questions!

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