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The Eight Stage Hero’s Journey

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1 The Eight Stage Hero’s Journey
of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

2 The Separation – 1) The Call
What imbalances are Dorothy experiencing? What does Dorothy want to do that she currently is not able to do? What is she literally called to do or deal with?

3 The Separation – Crossing the Threshold
Where is Dorothy’s threshold? Who are her Threshold Guardians? When does she take the first step to begin her journey? What fears does Dorothy have?

4 The Initiation - The Challenges
What challenges does Dorothy face? What qualities must she exhibit to face the challenges? What qualities do these challenges have that she’s never faced before?

5 The Initiation – The Abyss
What is Dorothy’s lowest point? What fears is Dorothy facing at her lowest point? How does she overcome her abyss?

6 The Initiation – The Transformation
What heroic qualities does Dorothy take on? Does she have a new title? How has her life changed?

7 The Initiation – The Revelation
What bits of information are revealed to Dorothy? What did she learn about life and herself?

8 The Initiation – The Atonement
How has Dorothy come together again as a new girl? How does she understand her place in the world better?

9 The Return with a gift How does Dorothy return home?
Does she have a new role? A new outlook? Is she appreciated by her society in a different way?

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