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The Hero’s Journey You are the Hero in Your Own Journey!

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1 The Hero’s Journey You are the Hero in Your Own Journey!

2 What is the Hero’s Journey? A process of: –Separation –Transformation –Return Each stage must be completed successfully for us to become heroic An individual’s adventure toward growth and transformation

3 I. The Separation A. The call – invites us in to the adventure 1. We may choose to go willingly, or we may be dragged into the adventure. 2. This could be a sudden trauma in our lives or a more gradual sense of imbalance or discontent. 3. It may take many forms: –a. something is taken from us, and we have to get it back –b. something is lacking in our life, and we have to find out what is missing –c. we must restore honor to ourselves, our family, or our country –d. we see an injustice in society, and we have to set out to right the wrong

4 I. The Separation (con’t) B. The Threshold – leaving the known world –1. We leave the world we know where we understand the rules to enter a world full of challenges and sometimes even danger. –2. At the threshold, we encounter things that block our passage. a. guardians –i. parents –ii. Fears b. helpers –i. mentors –ii. People who provide assistance or direction –iii. Provide us with a divine gift or talisman

5 II. The Initiation A. The Challenges – cause maturity and growth –1. These are temptations we must overcome in order to progress on our journey. –2. The early ones are easy, building our skills and confidence. –3. They become more difficult, forcing us to grow and change. –4. Challenges always strike our greatest weakness. –5. They reflect our fears and our needs. –6. If we can’t confront and conquer them, our journey ends, and we must turn back.

6 II. The Initiation (Con’t) B. The Abyss –1. This is the greatest challenge of the journey. –2. We face our greatest fear, and we must face it alone. –3. This is where we “slay the dragon”.

7 II. The Initiation (Con’t) C. Transformation –1. This is the moment of death and rebirth: a part of us dies so that a new part can be formed. –2. Dependency becomes independence.

8 II. The Initiation (con’t) D. Revelation –1. This involves a sudden, dramatic change in the way we view our life. –2. The change in thinking is crucial as it makes us truly a new person. E. The Atonement –1. Atonement is achieved when we are at one with ourselves. –2. The imbalance, whatever sent us on our journey, has been corrected. –3. We are ready for our next call.

9 III. The Return to the Known World A. The Return – with a gift –1. The gift may be something physical, like the Golden Fleece or the Holy Grail. –2. The gift can be a contribution to society. –3. More often, the gift is a new understanding or a message. a. The message is sometimes welcomed by those around the hero. b. In some cases, the hero becomes and outcast because the message is threatening to those around him. c. The message may be beyond the understanding of others, and the hero may become frustrated and leave society willingly.

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