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1 2008 Fall HSGQE Retest District Test Coordinator Training September 18-19, 2008.

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1 1 2008 Fall HSGQE Retest District Test Coordinator Training September 18-19, 2008

2 2 District Test Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

3 3 DTC District Test Coordinator Distributing Associate Test Coordinator(s) HSGQE Proctor(s) Testing Personnel Anyone Handling Tests Who is Not a Proctor Test Security Agreements Collecting Deadlines Storing

4 4 District Test Coordinator Alternate Test Centers (ATC) Requirements for ATCs (4 AAC 06.755) Check for existing sites Apply for site approval DTC

5 5 District Test Coordinator Training & Topics Key Dates District Test Coordinator Reports & Rescores Associate Test Coordinator HSGQE Test Proctor

6 6 DTC District Test Coordinator Key Dates By September 15, 2008 Receipt of materials September 2008 Schedule sessions with proctors to review testing procedures October 14-16, 2008 Administer HSGQE Retest October 14 – reading October 15 – writing October 16 - mathematics October 23, 2008 Return HSGQE Retest materials to DRC via Assessment Distribution Services (ADS)

7 7 District Test Coordinator DTC Receipt of Materials Test materials are packaged by school, except for district overage materials, and shipped to the District Test Coordinator (DTC). 1. Secure storage space for test materials. 2. Retain the original shipping boxes. 3. Complete the Delivery Verification Form and fax to DRC: 763-268-2979.

8 8 DTC District Test Coordinator Delivery Verification Form Fax to 763-268-2979

9 9 DTC District Test Coordinator Inventory Test materials Confirm the total number of district and school boxes received. Contact the Alaska Project Team IMMEDIATELY if: any boxes are missing you receive boxes that should have been delivered to another district

10 10 DTC District Test Coordinator Inventory Test Materials (cont.) Verify the contents of the district overage boxes: compare ranges of security numbers on security range sheets with security numbers on District Security Checklist and packing lists (found in the box labeled District Materials Enclosed). Security Ranges will be listed here

11 11 DTC District Test Coordinator Inventory Test materials (cont.) Do not open packages of secure shrink-wrapped materials that you will not be using. Return the unused secure materials to DRC in unopened packages. Notify DRC IMMEDIATELY via e-mail and copy EED on the communication if school site inventories reveal any missing materials, or if you have materials not included on your packing lists.

12 12 DTC District Test Coordinator Accommodated Materials Large print Braille Audiotapes [ALL Require Transcription of Students Responses into a Form E Standard Test Book] Accommodated materials are ordered through the Online Enrollment System, and also can be requested through the additional materials process.

13 13 DTC District Test Coordinator Resolving School Shortages First use additional test materials from district overage for schools that did not receive sufficient materials. You may transfer secure materials between schools within your district. Complete the Secure Materials Transfer Form and fax it to the Alaska Project Team. Keep the form for your records. NOTE: When training Associate (building) test coordinators and/or proctors, emphasize the need to contact the DTC when additional materials are needed.

14 14 DTC District Test Coordinator Additional Material Request Form If there is not enough district overage or more school-specific materials are needed, complete and fax the Additional Materials Request Form to DRC. LAST DAY TO ORDER ADDITIONAL MATERIALS IS: October 2, 2008

15 15 DTC District Test Coordinator Labeling Test Books All test books must have either a precode label or a district/school label applied before the test books are used by students. Precode LabelDistrict/School Label Test books that do not have a precode label or district/school label will be considered unused and WILL NOT BE SCORED.

16 16 DTC District Test Coordinator Precode Labels Precode labels have been produced for each student who appeared in DRCs Online Precode System at 5:00 PM Alaska time on August 11, 2008. If a precode label is used, the bubbles on the front cover of the test book should not be filled in. If a student fills in the bubbles during testing, the precode label will override the bubbles on the front cover. (no need to erase the bubbles)

17 17 DTC District Test Coordinator District/School Labels District/school labels are provided for students who do not appear on the precode file (and thus have no precode label). If a district/school label is used, all bubbles on the test book cover MUST be filled in.

18 18 District Test Coordinator DTC Do Not Score Labels Use the Do Not Score labels under the following circumstances: If a label was placed inappropriately on a test book. A pre-code label was placed on the test book but student did not show up for testing. Label not aligned on book. Test should not be scored.

19 19 District Test Coordinator DTC Return of Materials to DRC Materials must be returned via Assessment Distribution Systems (ADS) on or before October 23, 2008. DTCs receive boxes of test books from each participating school in the district. Tests for students who tested in your district, but belong to another district will be returned with your materials. Use District Security Checklists to check off test materials as you place them in shipping boxes. When possible, record which books are placed in which boxes. Place a copy of all security checklists in box 1 of materials being shipped to DRC.

20 20 DTC Return of Materials to DRC (cont.) District Test Coordinator Use the ORANGE return shipping labels. Complete the District Box __ of __ line on the label. Follow the instructions as directed in the DTC manual. Locate the Return Materials Instruction Packet found in the district box for return shipping supplies. If you need additional return labels contact the Alaska Project Team at 1-866-339-6390.

21 21 DTC District Test Coordinator Return of Materials to DRC (cont.) Complete and fax the Return of Materials Verification Form to DRC when you return your HSGQE Retest materials via Assessment Distribution Systems (ADS) on or before October 23, 2008.

22 22 DTC District Test Coordinator HSGQE Retest Reporting HSGQE Retest Online Reports Friday, December 12, 2008 HSGQE Retest Paper Copy Reports in Districts Friday, December 19, 2008

23 23 DTC District Test Coordinator HSGQE Retest Rescores HSGQE Retest Rescore Requests due to EED Wednesday, January 21, 2009 HSGQE Retest Rescore Results due to Districts Thursday, February 12, 2009

24 24 Questions

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