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Alabama’s Natural Environment

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1 Alabama’s Natural Environment
Chapter 2

2 Lesson 1 – Alabama’s Regions
Our state has many different kinds of landforms. The green areas on the map are the lowest points. The brown areas on the map are the highest points.

3 Our 5 Regions Highland Rim region-
Located in the northwestern corner of Alabama Land is hilly It is to the west of the Appalachian Mountains

4 Our 5 Regions Cumberland Plateau region-
Located southeast of the Highland Rim Has plateaus, which are large areas of flat land that are higher than the land around it It has the Appalachian Mountains

5 Our 5 Regions Ridge and Valley region-
Located east of the Cumberland Plateau Jagged and uneven land It has valleys and sharp mountain ridges The city of Birmingham is in this region

6 Our 5 Regions Piedmont region-
Located south and east of the first 3 regions Similar in height to the Cumberland Plateau, but lower than the Ridge and Valley It has Cheaha Mountain, the highest point in the state

7 Our 5 Regions Coastal Plain region-
The largest landform region in Alabama Forests in the northern part, sandy soils in the southern part, and rich farmland in between Mainly flat land

8 Lesson 2 – Alabama’s Rivers
We have three main river systems Alabama – Coosa – Tallapoosa Tennessee Black Warrior – Tombigbee

9 River Systems Two of Alabama’s river systems are connected by the Tennessee – Tombigbee Waterway, which helps Alabama transport goods to other places in the world.

10 Dams were built to hold back water and to control the flow Generators in the dams use the power of the water to produce electricity This is called hydroelectric power

11 Some Water Dams in Alabama

12 Lesson 3 – Alabamians and the Environment
We have many natural resources Natural resources are things in the environment that people can use. Water Soil Forests

13 Natural Resources Our temperate climate and rich soil is good for farming Our major crops are Corn Soybeans Peanuts

14 Natural Resources Trees are an important resource in Alabama
They provide wood, which is a raw material A raw material is something that is changed so that people can use it

15 Natural Resources People in Alabama have changed the natural environment There is now less farmland, and forests are being cut down to make new houses There are groups in Alabama that are trying to conserve, or save, our natural environment

16 George Washington Carver
He found that peanuts and sweet potatoes grew well in Alabama and invented many different uses for them

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